Thursday, December 5, 2013

Subjugators 3rd Company, all of it!

Well, maybe...

So as I said earlier, I've been pondering a small allied force of the Subjugators Space Marine chapter. Again this is really just an excuse to drag my old Dark Hands Predator out of retirement without making another DH army. The Subjugators fit the bill, although as you can see, the newly painted captain (now with a visibly distinguishable shoulder icon) doesn't quite match it. I wonder if I should forgo the wash and paint the grunts to better match the pred? That ought to allow me to keep the chapter icons black as well...

The 'T's' and 'D's' on the bases distinguished tactical and devastator marines previously.

Anyways, I'd only picked the 3rd Company as the Predator was bedecked with 3's, and so added a '3' to the captain's shoulder as well. Having since read the Chapter's fluff on Lexicanum a little closer, the 3rd was 'almost completely wiped out'. Thus, its conceivable that my 500 point contingent could in fact be the entire company (assuming roughly 80% casualties from full company strength). Conveniently, this is yet another obscure chapter with only a smidgen of canon fluff, leaving me to fill in the gaping holes with whatever I want.

Such as:

The 3rd company's captain ordered the Ramilies star fort's reactor to be overloaded when he realized the station was lost to chaos. With most of the company going down with the fort (the captain included), only a handful of marines in the rearguard were able to escape the debacle.

With the dire news coming from their losses in the Cadian warzone, the Chapter Master pulled the beleaguered vanguard off the line to rest and refit. Of the shattered 3rd company, he reorganized the
company's 19 survivors (including the 2 in the predator) into the most combat effective force he could muster: two under strength tactical squads, with a single predator in support. Two marines were then promoted to the rank of sergeant to lead the tac. squads.  The company's sole surviving sergeant (prior to the reorganization) was elevated to the rank of captain. To instill in him the chapter's confidence, as well as to rekindle the sense of purpose into the defeated 3rd co. (which was ordered to leave the Cadian war zone rather than risk annihilation), the newly minted captain was given the privilege to use a chapter relic: The Primarch's Wrath.

So, 19 marines, 1 tank, and (presumably) a ship of some sort, probably an escort with a single Thunderhawk to shuttle them around...plying the space of the Imperium, and looking to ally with whomever in an attempt to regain their sense of purpose (and a paint job).  Yup, that'll work just nicely I think. Also, I realized that I have almost another full tac. squad of the same generic bolter marines still on the sprue. Meaning the loss of the 16 marines above will have a minimal impact on the Storm Warden army from whence they came.


neverness said...

Starting the countdown clock for the Storm Warden's eBay auction in 1....2... LOL!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Nope, They're sticking around.

John Lambshead said...

I recycle marine all the time. :)

Da Masta Cheef said...

Recycling is good. Especially when considering that the bulk of my marine forces are made up of 2nd ed starter marines, which brand new sell on ebay for $1 each!