Thursday, May 13, 2010


Having been fixated on Marines & Orks here of late, I figured that I'd pull the renegades out for a game @ my FLGS this coming weekend. There was a bit of rearranging needed as I sold of the cadian/catachan contingent a little ways back, so all that are left either have gas masks or are mutated enough not to be concerned but some bad air. I usually use ('counts as') Colonel 'Extra-hands' Straken, but found a lowly captain mini that I painted up some time ago but have never used, so added him to the roster instead.

However after my previous sale of the cadian/catachan minis, I was a medic short on my company command squad. Now, i know when you think chaos & medic, you're probably thinking the same thing as I am. That from a 'fluff' point of view that that doesn't make too much sense. BUT, the feel no pain USR is really a boon on the table top. So after some scrounging for both bitz & ideas, I came up with my medic, whom I call the 'Blood-gusher'.

The mini is an old Warzone model, Ducal militia Sergeant I think, with a 2nd. ed. Ork pistol, SM knife turned-punch dagger, some small knives from a Mordheim sprue, the helmet is from Pig Iron Miniatures, and both loyalist and Chaos grenades & pouches. Quite the amalgamation.

First off, who else would be more interested in the bloody processes of battlefield surgery than a devotee of Khorne. Arteries severed, blood everywhere...(I'm picturing a US civil war field hospital in which countless amputations, and other similarly brutal ministrations have taken place). Remember folks, Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows, only that is flows...

This one came out super saturated, finally gave up on trying to tweak it.

Much like the Chirurgen from the Witch-Hunter retinues, every Chaos commander needs a chief torturer for extracting information from captives, as well as assisting the apostate preachers in the pre-battle ritual sacrifices. As for the 'feel no pain' USR, I'm sure that you too would refuse to succumb injury when accompanied by a Khornate Medicae. Because if the enemy doesn't kill you, he certainly will! Despite all of his kit, I would rather doubt anesthetics are included.

I can just see a continuous line of conversation resembling Monty Python's Black knight scene...

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