Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Furioso dreads for Nurgle?


So, looking at this new dread I had an idea, lemme know whatcha think.

What if you were to file off the BA symbols & aquilas, glue some chaos plates over the left & right sides of the front hull, then put two skull bits on the two magna grapples (or whatever those things are on top). That would be three skulls in an inverted triangle much like the Nurgle icon. Add in a few random chaos bits where they look needed, etc...

How would that work for a Nurgle dread?

The above photo is the property/copyright of Games Workshop and used without permission.


Loquacious said...

You'd need a touch of greenstuff to do a bit of "plague" or Nurgle's blessings on it, too I think. Otherwise, nice.

Da Masta Cheef said...

There's a tutorial on using a hot metal pin little styrofoam beads for 'nurgling' up a model. I would have referenced it here, but I don't recall on which blog I saw that.

I suck @ using greenstuff.