Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Wednesday wall o' text


There are rare times when I can go and buy toys (, gaming stuff) and not feel guilty about it. Usually that involves selling an army via ebay to fund a new one (recycling as I call it), but on rare occasions, I get little influxes of extra cash. Currently its a combination of both. I've been selling odds, ends, and various portions of my loyalist IG on ebay here of late, and those sales have/are going well. Also I'm getting two small bonus checks from work meaning that I'll only be spending maybe $20-$25 of my income tax return (as opposed to my originally allotted $100) on toys. That means the rest of it can go to more 'responsible' expenses (just like it should be).

So here's what I'm buying/already bought:

(5) more Dragon Knights financed entirely by ebay. I might get a Sabol tray for them too. I'm also going to get another box of Guardians which will give me a nice blob of 20 plus the Warlock (I already have 10 Dark Elf legs bits).

Dark Hands:
I ordered the Imperial/Crimson Fists tank icons pack, and already had the Predator back plate & Razorback turret bits. So I'll pick up a Rhino this weekend to give them a bit of much needed mobility.

Renegade IG (still haven't settled on a name for these guys):
I have the parts to make another missile launcher, and bit auctions in my ebay watch list to get the necessary parts to assemble the crew & (2) grenade launcher guys to make another command section (so Straken can get his back from the platoon). The FLGS is also looking to see if they can get me a Manticore kit. Strangely it wasn't listed in GW's order program that the FLGS uses. They looked & I looked all to no avail (the FLGS's owner came up behind me while I was behind the counter sitting at & using their computer and asked if I had clocked in yet, lol).

WHFB Orcs:
I ordered another (and final) box of four Orcs to fill out my movement tray to a full 24 boys (when the Warboss is included). For the time being, that will be it for them till the new army book comes out (even then, I don't foresee me getting much if anything aside from said book).

Quite a bit of that has been bit ordered from ebay, and the Orcs & tank icons direct from GW. Best part is all of which was financed by ebay! However I need to support the FLGS or else we won't have one anymore. So the Guardians, Rhino & Manticore will be bought there along with some primer, paint & glue (via the bonus checks).

After this weekend then, well...there will be no new toys for a long while. Notta problem though as there will be lots to build! (I need to weasel the grot mega tank back into the queue as well).


Screech said...

I see how it is. They won't hire me at the FLGS, but they'll hire you. *sigh*

What am I buying with this years tax return? Not much, considering that I'm probably not getting one. Kinda sucks being the poor college kid...with a new Droid2. :P

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yeah what does that come out to, $100ish a month?

Somehow I doubt Bob will give me the employee discount on that tank. I think letting me look for it myself behind the counter fell into the 'anything for a sale' category.