Monday, February 13, 2012

Crimson Corsair


Well, I finished my Centurion for the Tyrant's Legion, however I really don't like the way the photos for him turned out (a symptom of snapping a quick few shots before going to bed I guess). As such I'll retake & post them later in the week.

Aside from finishing him off though, I also started work on two more Corsairs armed with bolters. One, a newly Fallen Angel, is more or less just base coated and thus not much too look at right now. Whereas the other is finished and I now present to you the Crimson Corsair:

That's a rather impressive title for a grunt with a bolter!

Given the amount of bionics on this guy, there was a temptation to paint him up as a former Iron Hand, however the shoulder emblem was wrong and I didn't want to potenailly break something when switching out the shoulder pad, so I left it as is. The Crimson Fists are known to be few in number, between the Ork invasion of their home world, to getting their asses kicked in one of the Soul Drinkers novels (I forget which one, but it was a great read). With such losses, morale has got to falter, and this guy is an apparent symptom of that. That or the head injury really screwed up his way of thinking.

Here he is next to the my original Corsair (well, for this army anyways). The red is a little off, but reasonably close. I used the same recipe for it, but layering isn't really an exact science. Luckily though, Chaos and consistency aren't really all that compatible. So a little variation should be just fine.

One thing of note are the recessed areas on the legs & bases. They're proving to be quite difficult to reach, especially when dry brushing. So I'm predicting there to be quite a few models with black lower legs & feet!


Brian said...

another cracking entry. Beautiful work!

Papa JJ said...

The new addition looks great, I really like your ideas for why he has turned traitor. Those bases look awesome too even if it makes it harder for you to paint their lower legs. And maybe these guys distinguish their warband from all the others with their black leg armor. Nice work, Masta Cheef!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks guys!

Ron Saikowski said...

I like the new guy and his color scheme. I don't think the difference in reds matters all that much either.

As for getting in around the base, try painting it first and then doing the model after that. You can drybrush it without worrying about getting it on the model since you'll be painting it later.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks Ron! Hmmm, I may have to give that a try. With 70 models to go, I certainly have room to experiment some...