Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stirland Captain complete...sorta.


With Memorial day weekend's temperatures pretty much staying @ 90+ degrees Fahrenheit (that clarification is so as to not totally shock those reading outside of the US) I decided that this would be mostly a 'painting weekend.' Despite that I did go on a 17 mile group bike ride on Sunday, though painting was done all three days. However Saturday the only paint that was applied went into the walls of my bathroom and I must say that while I love painting minis I hate painting walls, and I still need to do the trim.


Anyways, in between nodding off (due probably to a mild case of heat exhaustion) Sunday afternoon, and then for the better part of yesterday afternoon, I did manage to get my Empire captain mostly done, as well as a pair of Empire/Mordheim archers a little further along.

He's  mostly complete only in that the base needs to still be done. I didn't have my other (few) finished Empire/Mordheim minis with me and its been quite some time since any have been painted. So I couldn't recall what color their bases are painted. Turns out its Scorched Brown (or whatever it's been renamed as now) rather than Goblin Green. However I'm all out of that color so the base will stay green till I can get to the FLGS to restock. Given that the shop is 25ish miles away, I probably won't get there till next weekend at the earliest. Anyways, I'm pretty pleased with how he came out and its a lot more detailed of a model than I first expected. I dirtied up the bottom of the cloak (perhaps a bit too much) to make it look as though its been dragging thru the mud. My other Stirlanders (and pretty much all of my other armies), are a grubby looking lot.

Also I dare say that were his pistol real, then pulling its trigger would be suicide! Not that guns were all that safe in the days of flintlocks to begin with. True, its a little warped (ah yes, resin...) but the barrel is kinda flattened out! He'd be better off to go to the nearest stream bed to find some skipping stones to fire from it rather than to try bullets (though I guess they wouldn't fit down the barrel as they're round...). I just figure on the rare occasions that it is fired, it'll miss by default.

I also tweaked my (proposed) order of battle from my last post, switching the free companies to a small block of swordsmen. I figured that as meager as my force is, there's no room to waste on expend-a-troop supporting units. At some point I need to get another box of militia. That box will be spread across my 3 regiments in the form of four more greatswords, three more halberders, ten more swordsmen (shields will be purchased separately as none come in that box), and whatever is left probably going towards a few more archers. There's no time frame for that purchase at this point though.

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