Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Empire General's Griffin


As you can see, I got my Empire General's Griffin painted this weekend, and its awesome!

Its got awesome stats: M-6 WS-6 BS-0 S-6 T-5 W-wait...what? 

What do ya mean that this isn't the right Griffin? 

General's got to be able to ride it? Well where in the hell does it say...uh...that...umm, oh. 

But, but...Stirland is an impoverished province...they can't afford a full sized Griffon...

Besides, its only a baby! It'll grow up to be big...someday. Right? That...uh, kinda shady looking guy from Tilea said so...and uh...what? Aww shit. He's wanted for fraud in HOW MANY provinces of the Empire??? 


lol, aside from starting the base coats on my last three swordsman, the general's pet griffin above is all that I got painted this past week (despite having several days off in a row). The combination of quite a few visiting relatives having come from several hundred miles away and (as they like to say in Eve online) having quite a bit of 'GF aggro' (which is the best kind of aggro) means that little time was available for painting.

There will at least be a game of 40k tonight as the GF is working late. So the gaming shall continue!  

(albeit at a reduced amount for the foreseeable future...)

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