Monday, September 10, 2012

The Anteaters of War...


Here of late I've been pondering Battletech quite a bit, along with slowly grinding my way thru the 6th ed rulebook. Looking for a bit of a change (cause my painting projects are so consistent to begin with) I decided to paint some Quar this weekend.

I've never played Songs of Our Ancestors, probably never will actually, however I enjoy these little guys, even if they're doomed to an eternity on the shelf.

The unit I created for these guys about a year ago is made of the remnants of shattered units, and as such, I painted these guys in a variety of color schemes to represent that (as its doubtful I'll get anymore aside from those that I have now).

I seem to be missing a ryfler...

I have an equal sized opposing force of Quar Crusaders, however they're all still unassembled and in a box...somewhere. Not sure where to be exact. As mentioned in the caption above, I'm missing a ryfler. I'm pretty sure that I have an officer and a squad of 10 for both sides, so I'm assuming that the missing Royalist has been captured by the accursed Crusaders, and is currently imprisoned in that missing box of Quar. Anyways, with these guys now painted, they look even better on the shelf, huzzah!  Perhaps one day they'll finally have some Crusader Quar to glare across the shelf at...

Also on a bit of a side note, last week I reached the 100 followers mark!!! Wow, that's pretty awesome! While never really looking to amass a huge array of followers, I never thought I'd get even close to this many. So I just want to thank all of you out there who stop by periodically to give my little corner of teh interwebz a look!



Hive Angel said...

I see these little guys on Corey's shelf all the time and they are painted nicely.

If you ever get the second sqaud painted I'll play game if you can crash corse the rules for me.

Or ... we can substitute them for an IS squad trying to take down a battlemech in Battletroops, lol.


Da Masta Cheef said...

I need a crash course in the rules myself, lol! I have an opposing force of equal size, just gotta figure out what I did with them.

Hive Angel said...

Chaos took them into the warp. Check Corey's bin or Corey's closet, lots of chaotic things come form those location. Although they are too small for a battlefield to be fought.