Monday, October 29, 2012

Tactical Squad WIP


First off, as a native of New Jersey, I want to wish everyone in the northeast the best of luck in dealing with hurricane Sandy. My aunt-in-law who lives on the south Jersey coast commented on facebook last night that it was already getting ugly up there.  So, hope you've battened down the hatches & make it thru safely.

Notta whole lot to report on the gaming front from this past weekend. I gotta game in with Screech vs his Thousand Sons. He won by the 'first blood' KP. Collectively we had less than 10 models left of the table, so was a good game.  Like Murl, the Thousand Sons sorcerers with force weapons everywhere (and the fact that they have invul saves unlike my librarian) was a difficult threat to counter. Speaking of sorcerers, Ahriman's HQ protege paid for himself a good 3-4 times over, so Screech you need to paint that mini this week!!!! (oh wait, he never paints anything unless its just black primer, what was I

On the painting front, I cranked up the assembly line for some basic painting on my 2nd SW tac squad (no, not Space Wolves, the other SW's). Now they're pretty much ready for touch ups which is easiest to do working on them one at a time. Then decals, then a wash, then dry brushing, then highlights...doesn't seem like much till I list it out like that...ugh.

The Sgt. posing with his squad-to-be.

I also reread the sternguard rules & found I had them confused with vanguard vets & command squads. Meaning they can't have all the power weapons they want nor even all those chain swords that they're waving around. So the powerfist went away but I kept the chainswords (even on the newly added models). As they wanted to look like badasses, they exchanged their bolt pistols for chain swords meaning they can't shoot on the turn I charge with them. Seems an acceptable sacrifice to make for aesthetic appeal.

Also, Captain Erme of the Auroras after being exiled for gross negligence in scout training, has been accepted into the ranks of the sternguard (after a shoulder pad & backpack swap).  I'll try selling the aurora scouts off as individual squads now as they weren't wanted in bulk. Worst case scenario, I've threatened to give them to Screech for Christmas, lol.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm off work this coming Sat and heard that was when you all game at your FLGS up there in Johnson City. Can I get a store name and a start time and I'll make a run up there this weekend. Be fun to see some different faces.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Lemme double check with Screech to make sure he'll be there with the key to get in Its in the old hobbytown location which shares a parking lot with the Mellow Mushroom (so just get directions for that). Gaming usually starts @ 6pm, 1500 points seems to be the norm as well.

Not sure if I'll be there or not regardless, depends on whether or not my dad will be in town, but given that NJ is a mess right now & he has no power, I'm doubting that he'll be coming down.

Hive Angel said...

Saturday night fight nights.

I think weather will be fine just cloudy, cold, and maybe some showers.

Come on down Mr. Anonymous and meet the headless empire, lol.

Da Masta Cheef said...

You wouldn't like his minis Hive Angel as unlike yours, they're fully

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yeah there will be gaming @ 6ish Saturday Kushial.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good. I'm planning on being there then