Monday, April 22, 2013

For the Girlfriend's Good...

...umm, well the 'Greater Good' is already taken, how bout the Greater Girlfriend's Good? Greater Good's Girlfriend? No, no, don't like that one at all!


As I've mentioned in the past, my girlfriend has taken an interest in 40k, and I've walked her thru a few games in which she has consistently beaten me with my own Chaos marines. However given her fondness of Anime, the Tau naturally appealed to her, and so for her forthcoming birthday, I'm giving her the beginnings of a Tau army. She is well aware of this and has seen all that is pictured below, so there are no spoilers to worry about. RTVoril has also generously donated to her cause, as it will add to list of people who can (quote) 'kick your ass' which was all the incentive he needed.

Codex and Sabol tray aside, nothing is brand new (I still need to get her a case of some sort for the infantry & drones). When starting an army from scratch, it's almost required to start with 2nd hand minis as the start up costs of this game are truly horrifying! As such, these were either my own, purchased from or in the case of the white crises & two broadside suits, given to her by RTVoril.

So here's what all she's getting:

RTvoril's well done conversion, made to look like the Fire Warrior novel cover.

The tank commander-turned-fire warrior conversion that everyone does.

RTVoril gave her these two broadsides, however they were suffering from the usual 'broken ankle syndrome'. Some  aluminum flight stand pegs from ebay ought to eliminate that issue.
She decided on black and purple for her preferred color scheme, rather than completely restart the half painted Devilfish, I painted over the gray areas with purple, which has gotten the stamp of approval. Still not sure how the infantry and drones will be painted yet.
The starter army as a whole. I have parts to add another drone, and alter the unpainted crises suit's weapons. RT also had some extra broadside bitz, enough to make a third with the purchase of a crises suit.
I've been skimming thru the codex trying to get a handle on the new rules to help her out with them, though I'm sure she'll discover more than a few surprises for me within its pages...

Not sure of the point total, but this will certainly be a good core to build around. A third broadside, some pathfinders, and another troops choice seem to be the obvious next additions. Once she gets up to speed on the Tau, I figure we can play as a team with one of us with the primary detachment and the other as the ally till the army build's up to a stand alone force.


Kushial said...

I'll be making it back up there the next couple Saturdays and happen to have some stealth suits to add to the cause. We wouldn't want you to get a win streak going or anything, right?

Hive Angel said...

Well you could have started her with Necrons, but wait that is the other gal in our gaming group.

We shall need to schedule initial Alliance initiation and officail Order oath swear in.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Tau was the army was of her choice, had it been Crons, then so be it (luckily it wasn't though). Oh and no worries, I'll be training her in the ways of the fluff bunny.

Thank you Kushial! I'll be outta town this coming weekend, so just hang on to them for another week. Looks like the weekend of May 4th I ought to be able to get to HT, the next two are up in the air as my grandparents will be in the process of moving during the week in between.

Rifkind Wolfwalker said...

Yeah I actually read up on the diff armies to find out strengths and weakness and of course the fluff! Necrons were out early as they aren't my kinda thing. Nothing against them, mind you, just not inline with my personality.

Chaos is quite awesome... and I do like playing with Da Masta Cheef's army alot *wicked grins* (and fondling his dice for that matter LOL)... but alas I really do like the Tau as they are kinda like me -- Neutral-ish, can justify things to fit into (or not) the concept of "the Greater Good" (everything is varying shade of gray), and then they have cool armor, weapons, vehicles and of course... THE KROOT!!! And yes I am all about the fluff too! LOL!

Thank you thank you thank you Kushial for your contribution... that's so very sweet!!! <(^o^)>

And now to my amazingly fantastic boyfriend... meaning yes I'm going to gush here. LOL!
I'm super excited about my birthday present, my army... Thank you so very much my super sexy, fabulously talented and wonderful man.
*kisses, licks and bites*

Da Masta Cheef said...