Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So when a Halfing goes full circle...is it just a half circle?


The other night, in lieu of the winding down of our Arbitrator Dark Heresy campaign, we decided to make new characters for a forth coming Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign. The campaign won't start till December, which will allow my GF to play as she'll then be starting a new shift at her job. Among other things (like getting to see her more than on her days off or when one of us is getting into/out of bed, waking the other up in the process) her new schedule will be conducive to joining us for gaming for both RPGing and at the FLGS as well. So look for more of the Fem Fa'Tau battle reports in the future.

Anyways, Neverness allowed us to pick our race, and then we rolled for the rest. I chose a halfling out of amusement. Partially because I am 6'6" tall myself. Rolling up careers, we rolled 3 times a piece and picked which appealed to us the most. I got: Watchman, Thief (how stereotypical) & Entertainer. Of the three, the latter two had no appeal at all, so a watchman (or rather 'watchling') it is. Born in a fortified city within Nordland (I've yet to look at a map to see which one), my watchling will be joined by (ironically) a Dwarven ex-convict, a human smuggler, a Herrmault (spelled something like that...basically a Bretonnian version of Robin Hood's merry men), and an Elf...of some sort (that's what my GF wants to play as we don't have one yet).

I do have a halfing mini: Sgt Pepper, former personal chef of the Company Commander of my long ago sold off Cadian army. Seen below with his signature dish, known among the troops as the 'meltabomb'...

Alas, no more hand flamer to heat up some stew...

He'll go and take a swim in some simple green, and then receive some new bitz. The same pack, only with different pouches and daggers, rather than Guard issued canteen and laspistol. I have a night watchman's post with lantern from the Mordheim accessory sprue, though I'll probably shorten it to match his size better, and of course a square base.

Initially I named him 'Sir Loin Porterhouse' which got all of the requisite groans from the pun. However that name is a bit of a cliche which I've attached to many a character over time, so I won't be using it for this little guy. The random name generator didn't appeal much, other than looking through the list I found the halfing surname of 'Muggins'.  Laughing, the Bink commented "Muggings? A watchman named muggings?' lol, and there ya have it folks: Gonnabe Muggings, the (apparently former) Night Watchling of Nordland.

Awesome! Now I just need to find time to skim the WFRP rules...

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