Monday, January 27, 2014

The Grymn Dark v2, part 2 (the who is what)


Well, my beloved Grymn didn't get their battlefield debut this weekend due to the weather. It snowed here (ironic as they're painted in winter colors) and whilst the roads were probably fine by gaming time, its better to be safe than sorry. By northern standards, the amount of snow was probably laughable, but the south isn't too well equipped to deal with the stuff. That and having learned to drive in Florida, I worse when driving in the snow than the locals.

Anyways, below is a breakdown of what minis I'm using as what.

First up, my Inquisitor. This little guy will be an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor equipped with power armor, power sword, Hell Rifle, and frag & krak grenades. I won't bother with the psyk-out grenades as they'd most likely offend the Grymn's Nicassar allies (more on them below). I really like this mini and will hopefully paint it up soon.

Neverness commented that its kindova plain looking sculpt, but its a nice change from GW's 'skull/spirit stone/glyph/whatever-on-every-surface' look. Its also a bit of a challenge to paint as I can't just slather him in a wash, then drybrush and call it done like I often do with all of my normally 'dirty' armies.

Next up, the venerable Grymn Prospectors themselves. These will be Acolytes with hot-shot lasguns. I have a little over a dozen of them (sadly only two are painted) and truth be told the Grymn would probably work best as IG. But for now I'll use them as the Inquisition as I'm not looking to buy anymore at the moment.

Now we come to my still favorite Grymn sculpt, the Grymn with a laptop, or in this particular case, the Jokero. The Jokero's WS & S is lower than that of the acolyte, that's easily explained by being weighed down/encumbered by her equipment. Truthfully, I only want the Jokero for the chance to roll a 5 on her chart, as these guys need a 5++ save. Small as they are, they disappear from the enemy's line of sight in ruins (the most common terrain we play in). The problem with that is these little guys do need to all but stand in the wide open in order to shoot anything. Also, if you think it isn't plausible for this chick to manifest a lascannon, multi-melta or heavy flamer out of thin air, just remember: a fucking orangutan doing that is even less so!

Hey, guess what? I found a use for this mini, as a Nicassar. For anyone who never fielded or faced the Tau in Battlefleet Gothic, that probably means little (so by all means click on the link). As such, this little guy/girl/it (and the two others I just bought) will be used as Inquisitorial Psykers.

Lastly, my little Info-bot which will work perfectly as a Servo-skull. I have three, and conveniently, an inquisitor can have up to 3. Rob mentioned the upcoming CSM supplement which will possibly bring back his all infiltrating Deathguard army. To which I replied by saying that three servo-skulls (totaling a mere 9 points) will keep him back almost in his deployment zone, negating that strategy for the most part. His stunned silence for the few moments that it lasted was hilarious!

So there they are, my little allied Grymn contingent and all of its constituent parts. Hopefully they'll fare better than they did as Tau, and if not, there's always the IG. Barring that, then possibly they'll fit into Beyond the Gates of Antares if that game ever makes it off of the ground. By the sounds of it, the Grymn could easily qualify as Pan-Humans.


neverness said...

Or pan sized humans. Just a dab of butter and they grill up great! LOL. The idea of the VR Jokaro has been growing on me since you described this to me on Friday...

Amy E said...

lol, so they're bite sized is what you're saying?