Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tyrant's Legion vs. the Fem Fa'Tau Battle Report

Last night during dinner, my GF challenged me to a game of 40k, huzzah! Coming up with the idea on a whim and with neither side ready with army lists, nor was the table set up, we decided on a small 750 point game. This was also the first time my GF would be coming up with an army list on her own. With such a low point total, I was able to make this the battlefield debut of my slowly growing Tyrant's Legion army.

We used a standard sized table despite the limited point total. We rolled Crusade (3 objectives), standard set up, with the Tyrant's Legion setting up and going first. First turn was also night fight.

Still lacking Astral Claw models, a few Blood Eagles were happy to play the part.

Another Combat squad, deployed in the center, just behind the sentry gun, that would annoy the Tau for the game's duration...

My right flank had the basilisk which will need an eventual repaint, and Arch Centurion Carnac Commodus who was leading a squad of legion Auxilia. The Marauder Mercenaries were held in reserve to outflank.

Fire Warriors with a shield drone deployed in ruins on their right flank.

The rest of the Tau deployment. The Crises suit is the army commander, with a 2nd Crises suit in reserve, as well as a small squad of Stealth Suits.

Turn 1, Commodus leads the Auxilia into the ruins, and they quickly secure an objective! The Combat squads advanced, and the sentry gun killed a lone Pathfinder. The Tau's Turn one was likewise uneventful, with advances on the center, and killing a lone marine on my left flank. Annoyed at the Tau's shooting, my GF tossed some of her errant dice to the floor, much to our kitties' delight!

Turn 2 Started off with my Marauders outflanking right into point blank range of the fire warriors on my left flank...however for all of their shooting, they killed just 2 models, one of which was the shield drone.

Quickly my left flank turned into a mess as the Stealth suits outflanked behind my advancing Predator, whilst the Fire Warriors hammered the Marauders!

In the Center, the Tau brazenly contested the center objective, whilst hammering the combat squad of marines, though luckily their armor held true!

Turn 2 put my left into disarray as the Marauders broke (and they can't rally as dead mercs don't get paid), and my predator went BOOM! Granting the Tau 1st blood.

In the Center I sent the Fire warriors running after killing 2 in HTH, but foolishly I allowed them to flee and just consolidated on the objective instead.

Turn three saw the Crises suit deep strike in, whilst the Basilisk did a damned good job of hiding in that ruined building...

His squad gunned down around him, the Sgt. falls back into shelter of the Chaos ruins.

Meanwhile the crises suit rolled an impressive 20 for armor penetration with its twin-linked fusion blaster! Luckily though the ruins took all of that, sparing the Basilisk (whew!).

Taking anther casualty, the combat squad on the left breaks and my whole left flank collapses!

Luckily Astral Claws are still have ATSKNF and rally. Turning their guns on the stealth suits, they kill 2 at the cost of their plasma gunner who's gun exploded.

Valiantly my Sgt. retakes the center objective! Only to be gunned down shortly thereafter, sigh...

Moving around to where there's less cover, the Crises suit immobilises the Basilisk, whilst the Tau commander takes another hull point off of it from the front.

In an uncharacteristic move, the crises suit charges the immobilized Bassie which resulted in wrecking the tank!

Desperate, Carnac leaves the Auxilia in hopes of charging the drones and sweeping into one of the Crises suits beyond. However he fails to both shoot and charge the drones (by a damned 1/4 inch!).

The Auxilia looks at their advancing doom, whilst in the background, you can just make out the HTH combat of the Fire Warriors and 2 surviving Astral Claws on the left flank.

Due to the obesity of the Marauder's Brute, it took these guys almost the whole game to 'run' (more like walk) off of the table.

Having lost half their number to Tau shooting, and worse yet seeing Carnac vaporized via a fusion blaster proves too much, and the Auxilia flee off my last objective.
At that point, it was well past my normal bedtime, and the bottom of turn 5 so we called it. None of the objectives were held by either side, however the Fem Fa'Tau had 1st blood, Slay the Warlord, and Line Breaker, giving them a 3-0 victory. Not bad for one of her first runs w/o my assistance! Pretty soon I expect my GF's army will be going after the guys at the FLGS w/o my allied contingents tagging along. :-)


neverness said...

See, I knew you were holding her back all this time! ;)

Da Masta Cheef said...


I also heard complaints of: 'Of course you had to use stupid fucking marines...".

lol, she really doesn't like those guys!

neverness said...

Jeeez, and my marines have never beaten her tau before! where does that hate come from?

Kushial said...

I'm blaming Screech. He's not around to say it isn't him so it all works out.

neverness said...

That works. Yup, Screech did it. :)

Da Masta Cheef said...

Just ask her about her thoughts on why there aren't any female space marines, and you'll have a better idea of where the hate comes from (and get an earful as She frequent argues/feeds the trolls on the BoLS lounge FB page with that subject.

rogue.trader.voril said...

Lol. It's a plan for Saturday.

Rifkind Wolfwalker said...

Actually Neverness, Cheef wasn't holding me back.. just teaching his Padawan. ;)

I just thought it would be good to have a sparring match so I could still learn the things I don't know (rules stuff mainly).

The making of my list was def a learning experience.. and has me realizing I need to do some studying up.

And yes the fucking Space Marines... misogynistic, pin headed, gene-seed spawned freakazoids... um, what was I saying? Oh yes I really don't like Space Marines. Chaos Marines are okay, but the Imperium can suck it.

Oh yes and that means It'll be cherry popping time soon as my Fem Fa'Tau will be going solo soon.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Sounds like the Greater Good just stabbed one of you guys with their 'ceremonial bondage knife'