Monday, June 16, 2014

And game night EXPLODES... ATTENDANCE!!!!

lol, WOW! There were damned near, if not over 30 people at this past weekend's game night. Not only that, Hobbytown's outdoor RC track had an equal number of people out racing at night! The owners stopped by and were grinning like idiots at the turnout! I've not seen gaming turnouts like this since I lived in Florida, mainly as Orlando has a much more substantial gamer population than rural north eastern Tennessee.

Games played were:

At least one game of 6th ed 40k (possibly 2, not sure what the guys at one table were playing).
1 massive 6 (or maybe 8) player 7th ed 40k game!
2 tables of Warmahordes
1 table playing Euro-style board games
1 table playing  Infinity
and (my) table playing Classic Battletech. In hindsight we ought to have taken photos as we had a brutal, point blank slugfest involving a Fafnir and 2 Hunchbacks (none of which survived the game). I won ultimately. :-D

Here's a few pics from the night:

People everywhere!

Curiously, despite their absence from this side of the table, I can only describe this mess as: Chaos!!!

Skylar has either (1) fallen asleep during the enemy's movement phase, (2) Is weeping at his losses, or (3) is sexting with his girlfriend. (I'm betting its

More pics of this oh so pretty army!

Infinity. Hoss beat the snot out of the 2 guys he was teaching. BAD HOSS!!! That's no way to get them to play again!!!

Its so nice to see a married couple working out their differences via a game of Warmahordes!

Not to mention their kids playing nearby, turning gaming Warmahordes into quality family time!


neverness said...

This is awesome! I really have been missing out, huh?

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yes you have!

Archon Voril said...

Love the pics of the DE. :D It was 8 players, and Skyler said he was trying to read something... so, yeah... I'm guessing #3 as well.

neverness said...

-Wait, you win a game and suddenly you're an Archon? ;)

Archon Voril said...

My ascension to Archon has been secured for some time. It has only been recent, with the painting of my kabal, that it was relevent.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Delusions and Grandeur FTW!!!

Archon Voril said...

FTW indeed. Kicked your butt last time. :)

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