Monday, July 21, 2014



Taking a step away from the Tyrant's Legion this time. Instead my next installment of Black Consuls-turned-something-else features these:

Their bases are decorated with Ork bitz, because we all know they're easy to kill...

These older, metal and static posed Termies will work just fine with all of the 2nd ed minis in my Storm Wardens' army. I don't think I've fielded a full terminator unit (referred to as: Inheritors in the Storm Wardens Chapter) since I had my old SIlver Skulls army, so its been quite awhile. The captain model will be used as Chapter Master Lorgath Maclir. He's already ben primed as you can see, and with luck I'll have him painted before the week is out. As for the squad, they have the options of an assault cannon, or a heavy flamer along with a chainfst or two.

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