Thursday, October 2, 2014

Let's try an X-Wing scenario this time...


To date, all of our games of X-Wing have been suicidal fights to the death. Whilst fun, that can get a little old, thus Wolfy and I decided to try out one of the scenarios instead. Nest of Thieves, or something like that, basically the Rebels (me) were trying to capture Imperial prototypes which the Empire was trying to escort from the table. We opted to go with 125 point lists, so that I could try out my new toys!

My list was:

Wedge with Swarm Tactics and an R2 droid
Tarn Mison with R2 Droid
Bandit Squadron Z-95 with Ion Pulse Missiles and Munitions Failsafe
Gold Squadron Y-Wing with R5 Droid and Ion Cannon
Knave Squadron E-Wing with Fire Control System

Wolfy's Imperials had (to the best of my knowledge):

Darth Vader with Cluster missiles and a Munitions Failsafe (Mission Escort)
TIE Bomber with Proximity Mine, Ion Pulse Missiles, and some other type of missiles.
LT. Lorrir with Targeting Computer and shield upgrade (Mission Escort)
Night Beast with Targeting Computer
Mauler Mithel with Targeting Computer

...and now for the best part, my typically half-assed attempt at a Bat Rep:

The Rebels surround the Empire on deployment, though with Darth Escorting the far-side objective, I all but ceded that one as lost.
I was hoping to pop that TIE  on the right (Night Beast) in turn 1, but only managed to get 2 hits thru with some abysmal rolling all around. Tarn took a crit which would cause further damage if he flew into something which he promptly did on the following turn...idiot.
The Bomber Drops a Proximity mine while Night Beast is about to get double teamed...
The Y-Wing, benefiting from Swarm Tactics, misses completely! However the E-Wing finished off Night Beast, who was the first to fall.
Speaking of failing, the Y-Wing also failed to secure an objective as well...
Vader, passing thru the center pops a shieldless Wedge in one volley and panic ensues amongst my rebels as Tarn (with a mere PS:3) becomes wing commander! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!!!
The E-Wing begins a long and drawn out session of: I can't secure the objective...
The already badly wounded Y-Wing disintegrates in the crossfire whilst the Headhunter manages to launch its missiles and ion Lorrir's interceptor (which escorts an objective off of the table anyway).
Well, after 3 turns of flailing about, the E-Wing actually secures one objective.
With one each, it suddenly becomes a mad scramble to the center objective!
Yeah, about that...the Headhunter fails to capture the objective before it flees the table. Additionally Tarn's brief command ended in a fiery fashion, and the Empire carried the day. least it came down to the wire.

We're still having trouble using the bombers effectively. Aesthetically, the Y-Wing has always been my favorite Rebel Fighter, now if that damned point sink of a ship could actually just do something while its on the table! Likewise, with Wolfy and I each only having 1 game using the TIE Bomber, neither of us have much of any success with it. I'm going to try my hand at the Empire this coming weekend, which will give me another go with it. Not sure what its good for though, other than soaking up points like a sponge.  :-/


Rifkind Wolfwalker said...

Well the Tie Bomber is maneuverable and overall a pretty good ship... I think it's the actual bomb dropping part we need to figure out strategically. I like the proximity bomb, just need to do it in a more densely populated area (& not run into it myself LOL).
And next time I'll take the Rebellion as when we usually play I am almost always Imperial. Not that I mind making Darth Vader a female (I rather like that actually), but I'd like to have the quality ships occasionally. LOL!

John Lambshead said...

I am a great fan of Tie Bombers armed with missiles of various sorts.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Hopefully it'll work well this weekend.

Imperial Recruitment said...

Not a fan of the bomber. HUGE fan of interceptors and fighters.