Monday, July 20, 2015

1st game of GorkaMorka!


Clayton and his buddy Andy were on hand Saturday to muddle thru our first game of GorkaMorka. We figured that being my first game of it in a decade or so, the their first game ever, why not make it easy and have 3 mobs running around, right? No scenario was used beyond to just kill each other, and we weren't bothering with the campaign stuff either. 100 Teef and Ork hilarity were all that we needed!

Okay, I'm going to be honest here, Cards Against Humanity aside, I haven't laughed this much in a game of anything in years (indeed, I had a bit of a sore throat by the game's end)! The game was a blast, and we can't wait to play it again!

Playing chicken, ramming, stealing bikes and trakks (one bike on the table was in possession of all 3 mobs at one point or another during the game...dunno if that's legal or not, but we thought it was fun!). The following is a photo dump of the insanity and hilarity, and fair warning, the captions may not present a coherent picture of what happened during the course of the game, but such is the nature of Orky gang warfare!

Turn 1, Orks speed off in every direction!
Turn 2, due to misreading the rules on playing chicken, the trukk swerves out of the path of a bike!
A thuster spin results in a ramming of a sorts, with the trukk immobilizing itself!
Piling out of the Trukk, Clayton's boyz charge Andy's wartrakk, and HTH begins (btw, the old HTH rules are really weird by today's standards!).
After my trukk pancaked Clayton's bike, da Boys piled out and gunfight erupted (with very little effect, and the HTH combat wasn't much better). Andy tried to join in, but was too busy crashing into his own wartrakk...
The passing trakk hits the 2 orks in HTH and they both rolled the SAME THING, DIRECTION AND ALL when getting knocked out of the trakk's way! lol, thus they continued to fight!
Andy's speeding bike knocks them apart though, still no wounds inflicted from either hit-and-run!
Diving off of the bike, his nob (represented by a spanner) charges my Nob! (and sexual knob jokes ensued...)
Clayton steals da bike!
With my nob out of action, Andy's Nob tries to steal back his bike! but fails the initiative roll to do so!
Meanwhile on the other side of the table, HTH is still raging, using that distration Clayton's trukk driver tries to steal Andy's wartrakk!
My slaver (with the torch) rolls a 1 to jump on the bike, and in doing so, knocks Clayton's rider off of it. DA BIKE IZ MINE!!! As an aside, the primed green ork basically spent the game crawling around on the ground in a facedown state. That's no way to get into the paint queue...
The wartrakk theft turns uglier...
My slaver rides off with his prize!
Having stolen the trakk, something goes wrong, there's a spin-turned-collision that results in an engine explosion and Orks are thrown everywhere!

lol, we ended after that an epic moment was (we felt) a good'n propa' end to da game! Aside from the brawl on the wartrakk, the preceding turns consisted mostly of driving around and not hitting anything. Unlike current 40k, where vehicles can all turn on the spot, in GorkaMorka vehicles turn in more realistic arcs, which makes running down even a face-down ork far more difficult than you would think it would be. 


warhead01 said...

Looks like a really good start! Hope your all hooked after that scrap!
Keep us posted!

Greg Hess said...

Fantastic! I gotta read up on these rules. Sounds crazy fun!

neverness said...

Ah, I look forward to one day joining the ruckus!

Porky said...

@ Greg especially - It is a lot of fun, with so much potential for a single game and a campaign. The biggest initial barrier might be the older way of doing things, but the Orkiness of the time is more a blend of old-style and new, which might be useful in getting more players onboard. The official supplement - Digganob - has grots, slightly Orkified humans and human mutants and as you'd expect, especially with the close connection to Necromunda, there's also a lot of fan support and crossover. There's also the early form of the Necrons lurking in the background.

neverness said...

I always thought it would be fun to make desert scernery with rusting scrap with subtle necron bits scattered about.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks guys! I would add to what Porky said, but I think he covered it all!