Monday, February 8, 2016

Hasslefree Miniatures is an awesome company!

Go buy from them NOW! Here's their link if ya have some extra $$$ burning a hole in your pocket...

Anyone who's read this blog knows that I have a love of their Grymn, and not too long ago I bought two more in Power Armor when they had a sale. Being a small company, the sudden influx of orders left them behind the eight-ball and it took awhile for my order to be processed. Unlike most purchases where I want some instant-gratification, this was a good thing.

These two bring me up to a squad of five.

Ya see, if they run a bit late, the compensate for their untimeliness with a freebee mini of some sort. Usually something related to your order. Another thing is when ordering, they have a suggestion box, where you can comment on what you'd like to see them make. For quite sometime now, and on my past several orders its been 'When are you going to release the Grymn Spec Ops mini in metal?'

Strangly, the backpack is optional but personally I think they look incomplete without the pack. I only had to buy one for these guys though, as I had gotten one as a freebee on a prior order.

Its my favorite Grymn by far (although it doesn't fit aesthetically with my Grymn army at all). As its a resin master, it costs 10 British pounds, or about $15ish dollars (plus shipping) for a tiny little (although really fucking cool) Grymn. Yeah-no. As much as I love that mini, I simply couldn't justify it. Especially as if it was released in metal it's cost would be anywhere from half, to one third of the resin cost.

Thus on my recent order, I once again asked for it to be released in metal, and once again they fell behind on a timely shipping dispatch, and ya know what? They sent me a FREE Grymn Spec Ops mini!!! My order was a smidge over $20 US, so they almost doubled it with this freebee! How fucking cool is that? Hell, that little Grymn was more than I've ever gotten for free from GW after 20+ years of buying their minis and paints.

As such, I posted a pic with a big thank you post on their FB page! Free minis, sales, listening to their customers (though in all honesty I never expected this response) and is it any wonder why Hasslefree is my favorite mini company?


Oh, and for anyone looking for an Ork vs. Ork Battle Report, sorry but I haven't waded thru all of the photos from Friday yet. Check back on Thursday.


Waaargh Pug said...

Hasslefree is definitely an amazing company. I have a handful of the Grymn myself, but I honestly love even more when they do obviously-inspired pop culture characters in their particular HF style. Certainly a company worth supporting!

Zzzzzz said...

They are brilliant, it must be said.