Thursday, March 17, 2016

Basing the Pygs...

Okay seriously, WTF? 
Having the mini's tab stick out of the bottom of its base by close to a 16th of an inch is just poor design. Having to trim that off of the bottom is never a fun job, nor is having non-jetpack equipped minis look like they're hovering above the ground pleasing to the eye either! Privateer Press is anything but an amateur establishment, and the excuse of 'it allows you to get creative with basing your miniatures' is unacceptable (if entirely accurate in this particular case).

No I will not use green stuff! Green stuff is my enemy!

That said, this design failure just so happens to be irrelevant in my case as I'm basing my Pyg Bushwhackers in the same manner as I did Captain Gunnbjorn, on a bricked base. Rather than lurking in the trees as in their (usual) fluff, these guys are taking the fight directly into one of the Iron Kingdoms!

(probably Khador judging by the shoddy brickwork, lol)

The Bushwhacker box contains a squad of 10 Pygs. Three each of three different poses, with a squad leader in a unique sculpt. I'm saving that mini for last, but was able to base a few of my Pygs, and as stated above, I had to get a bit creative with that.

Conveniently for me, Secret Weapon Miniatures bricks equal the size differential between the mini's tab and base depths exactly. Thus I put a cut into the top of the tab, and positioned the actual bricks around the base's slot to look like the tab is just a part of the brickwork. Once painted, I think they'll look just fine and not be noticeable.

That works.

For the lying down bushwhacker, I had to position the mini over top of the slot best I could (to hide it), and then pile the bricks up around the mini like he's crawling thru the rubble of a ruined building. I guess in hindsight I could have just bricked over the whole base first, covering the slot. Oh well, I have two more to go so will try that with on a later mini. For now I'll try to squeeze in some time to paint these guys first.

Without the bricks, this mini would require rocks or something!

The squad so far...

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