Thursday, May 26, 2016



30k's Imperialis Militia list has twin-heavy stubber teams, huzzah!!!

So, I've been rereading the Horus Heresy novel Legion to refamiliarize myself with my chosen 30k army. When just the other day I stumbled across a paragraph that turned the idea of using my Grymn as Imperialis Militia with the 'Abhuman Helots provenance' (a.k.a.: Squats) alongside my Alpha Legion into canon lore!!!!

Well, below, mainly the paragraph on the right as its more or less verbatim from the novel.

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Okay, so my Grymn's uniform colors are all wrong,  but hell the Alpha Legion in the novel are wearing purple armor. What matters is space dwarfs and Alpha Legion fighting in the same campaign! True my Grymn aren't Squat minis, but let's face it: whilst we old timers in the hobby all have a soft spot for the old Squats, their minis were really kinda awful.

(...and after saying that, Neverness is no doubt loudly railing at the notion, but we all know he licked a few too many lead Rogue Trader era minis in his youth and these random outbursts are...well, not the worst that could've happened to him, right?)

Anyways, not only are those old Squats fugly, but they often sell for astronomical prices on ebay, and very few of us (not including me) have the skills to sculpt our own like Inso is, my Grymn-errr-Outremars it is! Besides, I love those little guys! Waaargh Pug does too, and also has a 30k army in the making, so I may not be the only one locally to go this route.

Conveniently, I already have a dozen or more Grymn painted up!

Of course, I could just skip the whole 'Squat/Outremar' thing and just treat them as normal humans and my Alpha Legion as True Scale marines...but I probably won't.

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neverness said...

Oh but I agree: the old Squars were fuggly! Especially after ny Orks got through with 'em! Oh, and the older minis DID taste better...