Monday, July 25, 2016

Ships lost in the warp...

When one fails to arrive, do you ever wonder if it is missed? Or is the Imperium too caught up in itself to even notice the absence?


neverness said...

LOL yes it is.

Zzzzzz said...

It depends entirely on what is on the ship and what failsafes the owning organisation has put in place. Generally speaking, the Astrominican (and/or it's local 'branches') will keep an eye on the warp (ha ha ha, see what I did there ?) and actively monitor the flows of the usual channels, flows and currents as well as the storms and other nasty phenomena.

In the case of something like a Rogue Trader, the powers that be (hereafter referred to as tptb) will likely expect the Rogue Trader to disappear for a period of time (years, decades, centuries) and then only post the Rogue Trader (ship or even fleet) as missing (lost with all hands) and not make any attempt to trace it.

The Departmento Munitorium will route things like supply convoys and troop ships via the safest route, warpily speaking, unless there is some pressing need or pressure from tptb to do otherwise. Similarly, trading blocs are likely to follow suit, only increasing risk by a faster but less predicable route if there are commensurate increases in gain to be achieved.

Reading the fluff, it appears likely that large fleets (30K fleets, the Sabat crusade fleets etc) create a calming effect by their sheer mass (footprint in the warp), similarly, locations with a lot of traffic may experience the same effect.

Smaller, higher risk sailings would be more or less written off when they departed. I'll try to find a post I did about small space marine deployments in relation to their recruiting.

You kinda knew I'd take the bait eh ?

Zzzzzz said...


Don't say I never give you anything. And there are three in the series.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Hook, line and sinker!

Wow! Looks like I have some reading material on my lunch break tomorrow!