Monday, January 16, 2017

Rogue Stars: Our first game


Scott vs, Hoss...
Saturday night, my beloved Wolfy, myself, Hoss and Scott got together for our first ever game of Rogue Stars. Hoss, was really the only one who had a firm grasp of the rules, as neither Wolfy nor Scott had read them, and I generally fail to comprehend rules without actually using them in a game. Hell, just trying to figure out stats for my crew was something of a nightmare till Wolfy took the book away from me and figured out what I was doing wrong in short order.


As for the game itself, turning what is supposed to be a 2-player game into a 4-player free-for-all on the first ever attempt of playing it, is generally not recommended and as I'm sure you've guessed by now, that's exactly what we did. The ability to steal the initiative from the opposing player is a pretty cool mechanic. However when it involves three opposing players, chaos ensues! That said, after 20+ years of 'you go, I go' games and small variations thereof. That absolutely chaotic pace to the game was probably the most accurate representation of what I would imagine an actual battle to be like.

Scott closes in on Wolfy's troops.

About halfway thru the game, Scott's dice went hot, he started racking up kills and there was no stopping him. Hoss eventually stabilized his casualties and fled the board, Wolfy's crew suffered 2 casualties, and could do little to slow Scott's rampage (aside from vaporizing one guy's head with a well placed plasma pistol shot).

...and despite her best efforts it went badly for her...

As for my crew: my leader managed to fire two (non-connecting) shots all game, and the rest of my bunch accomplished little aside from managing to get away from my table edge (to spare them from the tragic death resulting from being accidentally knocked off of the table by my arm). Actually, the only mini I had that did well was 'Taco'. That little bot beat the hell out of a few Hoss's troops before hauling ass across the table and doing the same to one of Scott's power armored guys. Then...he took a shot thru the head and went out of action. Sad face, he was only a soft taco...

TACO ATTACK!!! (yes, again) He beat the hell out of that kick-ass looking mini of Scott's up before going down to a head-shot.
Here's a close-up of said kick-ass looking mini which was painted by a different Scott in our group.

In the end, we called it as it was late. Still, much fun was had and we are all looking forward to more games of Rogue Stars in the future.


neverness said...

Looks like fun. The "use any models" aspect appeals to me. Where did you say you got the rules for this?

Da Masta Cheef said...

Here: (though we got it from Amazon)