Thursday, April 6, 2017

40k in 15mm

Okay, so I lied. 

No, you didn’t have to wait 2 weeks for another post. Yes, we are on our honeymoon (I scheduled this post before we left), and no I won’t be checking on this blog post till we get back (nor will there be more posts until then). 

DLWDG in 15mm?
However 15mm mini gaming still intrigues me despite (1) selling off all of my Gruntz minis and (2) my recent 30k & 40k spending spree. Selling off my 15mm minis is of little concern as I’ve found other mini lines that appeal to me more anyways (as you can see...), and on the 28mm scale games side, I’m running outta room to store stuff again, as usual.  

So, instead of reinventing the wheel...which in the case of Gruntz was something of a square wheel. Why not just go the easy route and make a few changes to the game everyone already knows how to play? So 40k it is. Basically players will just play 6th ed (my preference in editions), although the current edition and/or the next ought to work just fine I would guess to minimize confusion, with the following changes:

The base movement is halved to 3” rather than 6” (weapon ranges stay the same which is a bit more realistic)

Large blasts would be reduced to small blasts, small blasts would be reduced to D3 hits, and template weapons would inflict D6 hits

For turn sequence, just use the Bolt action dice in a bag method for unit activation. (This is more of a local thing as a few gamers in our group are tired of GW's long-standing turn sequence)

Cap the point limit to say, 1k (or less?) to fit the all of little guys/gals/critters on a 4' x4' table. 

All else is essentially the same. 

Do you think that would work? Would any of you want to try that? 


Waaargh Pug said...

*looks at cool but unused 15mm toys*

I'm intrigued. Gruntz didn't look super fun to me.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yes, we need to ponder this further...

PsyckoSama said...

Where did you get those orks?

Malika said...

@PsyckoSama: Check out Vanguard Miniatures' 15mm Skinnerz range: