Monday, May 22, 2017

We dusted off the X-Wing minis for a game.

Seriously, why did we stop playing this?

My 'BLT' Y-wings were rolling all hits (and exactly ZERO evades) almost all game! 

Its such a great game, it really is! Game night withered and died on the vine once again, and we relocated it to our house with our buddy Hoss. Following pizza, we each perused thru our various squadron lists, found one to each's liking, and played a three-for-all! Amy was running Empire and Hoss and I both had Rebels. Unfortunately, Hoss had a home emergency mid-game and to leave early.

After his two remaining fighters peeled off, Wolfy and I continued on. Eventually, the Empire was down to just Vader and Dark Curse, whereas I still had all 4 fighters. Seeing her line up for her trademark Imperial 'fuck you/flying off the table when all is lost' maneuver,  I tried to block Vader with a Y-wing, only to have it fly off the table instead!

And just like that, Vader was gone! Dark Curse stuck around for another turn due to distance from the table's edge, but my nearest Y didn't have a prayer in catching up to Curse's TIE. Hell, I couldn't even get into range! Still, it was a fun game despite Hoss's early departure.

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