Thursday, July 13, 2017

Some Salamanders & Friends


As a reward for their victory this past weekend, the 3 Salamander bolter grunts have made it into the painting queue. I realized after base-coating that two of their bases were plain, so I had to go back and add stuff, hence the odd colors on those bitz.

Ack! My cell phone's flash cast these in a really harsh light!

The one with the red shoulder pad will be a Sgt., who has a 'master-crafted bolter'. Previously, master-crafted bolters just got a scope, a lick of gold paint or something like that. However with the advent of the Primaris Marines, their bolt rifles are a great way to make an upgraded bolter stand out a bit from just the 'regular' variety.

Ugh, the flash was even worse on these two!

I also finished painting another Grymn in the more normal-ish uniform and armor colors. I'm basing them (which includes rebasing the first) the same as I am both the Rainbow Warriors and the Salamanders. This will allow them to be used as allies in some form or fashion in the future.


neverness said...

The bolt rifle on those "normal" marines looks impressive.

Da Masta Cheef said...

It does!

The Rifle-less Primaris marine will either just get a 'regular' bolter, or will give him a power sword. To be honest, I'm not liking the lack of customizability of the new edition and its yet another gripe against the Primaris marines in particular.