Thursday, August 26, 2021

New Toys

My recent arrivals: Imperial Mud Troopers, a single Republic Clone, a lone Gamorrean, and a smattering of minis from Diehard Miniatures. 

Ah yes, its that time of the year again. The annually occurring bout of me buying all kinds of random minis in under the premise of: I want it! Usually, this spending spree is centered around all things 40k. This year however, not so much. 

Or rather, not at all. 

I'm kinda over 40k to be honest, with even the impending onslaught of new Ork releases failing to catch my fancy. I did put my name down on the list in one of the local FLGS's for the new Kill Team boxed set. 

However GW's inevitable supply scam shortages, means they likely won't get enouh for everybody who wanted one. That coupled with the apparent need to buy an additional $50 book for the full set of rules means that I think I'll take a pass on that as well. 

Besides, Battletech and X-wing are really the only games that I play these days anyways, and even those two are sporadic at best. Instead I seem to have crossed the line into primarily a mini painter, rather than a gamer

The WIP Pizza Cannon

The majority of my recent purchases you might have noted, have been for Star Wars Legion; a game that I'm still not keen to learn to play. I sure like the (mostly 3D printed) minis though. My small (250pts +/-) of Rebels is almost complete with just the pizza cannon above remaining to be finished.  

Opposing them will be the Mud troopers pictured t the top, as well as an occupier assault tank (I'm sure half of the folks who follow that link will be too distracted to return, but whatever) though I have yet to purchase that model. They'll clock in at about 300pts or so (I think), not that it really matters. 

I've also purchased more tanks for Battletech (who will get their own post on my TBAGers blog), as well as minis for a probably stupid revisitation to both the Beyond the Gates of Antares and Heavy Gear game systems. Oh I'll probably paint 'em up, not holding my breath for any actual gaming. 

Also I'm currently reading the book Ghost Riders, meaning my (unrelated to that theater) Bolt Action army may again see a ray of hope of reentering the painting queue

Oh don't worry Neverness, I haven't opened the eBay 40k flood gates yet. Selling off vast swathes of my 40k forces, painted and otherwise. Though I can't say that the idea isn't under any consideration...

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