Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Wargames Exclusive's Thank You Miniature


Easily the coolest postcard that I've gotten in a long, long while!

Long time no post. 

Life is busy, been painting Battletech, blah, blah...you know, the typical real life TM getting in the way kinda thing. I'm still here though and recently received a 'thank you for donating to Ukraine' miniature from Wargame Exclusive

He's gotta pretty good likeness to the print above.

Despite the wannabe Next Great Russian Tzar trying to ruin life for literally everybody in the Ukraine, Wargame Exclusive is still soldiering on, selling minis and conversion parts. They're located in Lviv and thus are closer to the Polish border than they are the front lines. That said, they're still within ballistic missile range, so if you're order goes missing you know who to blame. 

Ukraine's national emblem adorns both his chest and shoulder.

Tasteless jokes aside, my two orders with them in the past year have arrived in the usual month or so timeframe. Indeed my first order arrived in a third of the time it took to get some decal sheets from a US based, 3rd party producer from whom I made a purchase on the same day! The latter did however have a bad stroke of luck, apologized, sent discount codes and thus shall neither be named nor shamed on here. 

Once painted, he'll likely join my two NOCF Ukraine raffle warlocks in my display case, as I'm suffering from no lack of Inquisitors and/or Iggy Officers.

Both WGE's casting and (now) 3D printed quality are top notch and I highly recommend their products! Just remember that while shopping for some new toys, to donate some extra funds to help 'em out as their nation slogs thru hell.  

I thought the donations were just to keep their business afloat, but it seems they're passing the funds on to the national cause instead. 


Zzzzzz said...

Good cause, nice mini, well executed slightly poor taste joke. Everything a good blog post should be.

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, I aim to please!