Thursday, June 1, 2023

Guitar Hero?


Naturally, a robot would be playing an electric guitar...

Lacking any opponents with which to play a game of anything with (again) this past Memorial Day weekend, I painted up another of my Robot of the Month Club among other (still work-in-progress) things. 

Was aiming for a shiny, dancefloor-esque base.
Not sure if I achieved that or not.

I've been meaning to paint this one up for a family friend for awhile now. Sadly, he recently was diagnosed with cancer (a treatable type at the least), so I'm hoping to lift his spirits with this, as he's slogging thru the hell of chemo at the moment. 

This is the second droid that I've gifted away, with a cyborg-lab mouse awaiting a paint job before I gift it to it's recipient. I have three more robots awaiting paint, two for me to keep and the third is kinda meh (so is way down on the list). The prototype for June's bot looks awesome though and you can see it in that link above. 

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Kushial said...

I can see you turning that previewed one into a Grot tank.