Monday, September 18, 2023

Star Wars Legion Rebel AT-RT

An AT-RT was the first ever Legion mini that I painted back during the dark days of the pandemic. I wasn't too fond of it and promptly eBayed it away. 

Whilst I only made a few bucks on the endeavor, the best part by far was the buyer sending me a message after he received it in the mail, saying that he was thrilled with the paint job and that it was to be the centerpiece of his army!

That memory still makes me smile. 

AT-RT v2, mounting the laser cannon with the interchangeable rotary cannon and flame thrower in the foreground.

They really don't make legion decals (without spending too much on 3rd party custom ones), however some inverted Leagues of Votann decals worked well enough. 

The quarter lines are still quite visible as foliage. Next time I think that I'll make 'em entirely out of tufts.

Skipping forward to today and I'm quite pleased with my second AT-RT. It was so much easier to paint with the driver not already glued in place (that was my issue with the original, 2nd hand mini). Also, note the Chiss pilot. The blue skin is rather eye catching I think as opposed to the just another rebel dude with a human flesh tone.

On patrol in the wilds of Tennessee the Forest Moon of Endor