Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Basilisk Dilemma...



So, I'm finding that in the new guard codex, the basilisk kinda falls short (yes, pun intended). Str9 AP3, no cover saves, hits side armor on vehicles, stupid long range, it all sounds great. Except that there's no longer any direct fire, and a 3 foot minimum range has been imposed to boot. In the old dex, I never paid the extra points for indirect fire, using it as a tank destroyer in the flavor of many WWII armored vehicles such as the German Elefant/Nashorn/Marder tank destroyers.

It seems like the Basilisk is more or less an Apocalypse only tank now. Where the enormous table top (or 'war on the floor' as I sometimes hear it called) provides it with a modicum of safety. We don't play Apoc. locally though, nor do I have much interest in it either. Deploying the Basilisk in a corner, giving it the furthest distance from it targets has always been my standard operating procedure. However outflanking units are a dime a dozen these days, making a corner deployment far more risky. Space Wolf scouts have always been a problem for tanks on the back table edge, luckily for me though most of our local SW players don't use scouts.

The simple solution would just be to sell it, wait for the new kit, and build it as a different variant. Except that with the FW gun shield, its one of my favorite tanks. So far the only tactic that I've come up with that has had any sort of success, is to deploy a 'bodyguard unit' behind/along side of it. Any outflanking unit that deploys next to the Bassie & pops it knows that it's going to be pounced on next turn by the bodyguards. An infantry or veteran squad with a heavy weapon (including some snipers for the vets, they're not the most potent, but they do have good range so their not totally useless all game). An enginseer with 3 servitors means the out flanking unit will have a power weapon & 4 servo arms charging into them next turn. In the event that they attack/charge the bodyguard unit, the Bassie can try & put a little distance between it & the out flankers (hopefully clearing the line of sight for a Russ that's hopefully situated near by). However given its low armor, it'll be dangerously exposed no matter which way it turns from the new threat.


The drawback of the bodyguards is that you'll be tying up points to defend a vulnerable unit, and knowing it'll in most cases be only a marginal success. Also, there's the possibility of the die roll bringing the out flankers in on the other side of the table, potentially turning the bodyguard unit into a waste of points.
Seems like a lose/lose situation.

Do any of you out there have any suggestions that work better?


Max said...

You actually CAN fire it directly- all barrage weapons (except for specifically stated exceptions like the Colossus) are able to do so. So you can pound the enemy from afar or wheel out and try to peg one home at close range.

Still, Bassie's are difficult beasts, what with the weak armor and all. I'm picking up a used one on Tuesday, so we'll see how it works out.

Da Masta Cheef said...

REALLY?!? Hmmm, well we've been doing THAT wrong for the entirety of 5th. Ed. I'll have to reread the barrage weapon rules again this evening, as it'll be questioned @ the shop tomorrow when I say its otherwise to how we've been playing it. Good thing I didn't just say the hell with it & put it on ebay.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh! You're right, it indeed can direct fire, AWESOME!

Thanks again!