Sunday, January 24, 2010

Orks! (Trukk #3 started)

Well, while the Imperial Guard was the first army I played, and will always be my favorite (I no longer sell old IG armies as I always end up with more, currently I have 2), I have a lot more than just the Guard. Space Marines, Tau, a horde of Inquisitors & retinues (invariably I'll spend 100ish points in a list on them just for the hell of it) and I also a have a lot of Orks. I like their fluff, flavor/themes, the models & the goofy names that they come up with (I'm not especially fond of their codex, but I just have to suck it up & deal with it).

Da Long Wayz Dezert Groop is actually the name of my Ork army, named after the famed WWII British recon/special forces unit known as the Long Range Desert Group (and somewhere a WWII history buff is groaning in disgust). Its even a kinda/sorta fluffy name as the Orks use trukks to get around, much like the LRDG, however the resemblance more or less ends there. The LRDG never had any tanks, however my DLWDG has a battle wagon built out of WWII British Matilda.

I got a trukk this past Christmas, my third one. Love the kit, although its a paint as you build model. There are simply too many recessed areas to do otherwise. That does have the consequence of making it a bit more fragile as I'm gluing painted surfaces rather than bare plastic.

Here it is so far (I ran out of glue today), this will be my first red trukk. I've taken a lot of flak for not having any red ones.



Here are my other two, the yellow one (a.k.a. 'Mad Max's Short Bus') was the first that I built & the green one following shortly thereafter. All of my armies (their vehicles especially) are dirty. Looks like they've been out on campaign I think, and Orks falling into the 'unwashed masses' category, they almost assuredly don't wash their vehicles either.



As I'm posting photos of some of my Ork vehicles, I couldn't resist showing off some photos of my favorite looted wagon! I have 3 (one is still under construction) all are blue, but otherwise quite different. This one is the pride of my army, and as such, its usually the first thing to get shot. Typical.




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