Monday, July 5, 2010

Ok, so some Mondays are good Mondays...


I have the day off in recognition of the July 4th holiday, nice and sunny, and not too hot (this morning anyways, its in the low 90s now), and while i can do whatever i want on my day off staying inside all day to paint just didn't seem like the right thing to do. So I loaded my canoe up for a nice morning on my favorite stretch of the Watauga river.

I did get some painting accomplished this past weekend though. In general, I tend to favor well balanced armies, with good all around type of units, and avoid units that i personally think are 'cheesy', Well, every rule has its exception, and here's mine:

I like to call them 'Cheese on a stick'. (not sure where I got the 'on a stick' part, but that first word sure is applicable)

I've had a Renegade Psyker squad for a while now however, trying to cling to some vague sort of cohesive theme for the upcoming tourney, they wouldn't work. Tentacles, mutations, etc. While my loyalist IG officers may keep their distance & not realize just what the militia are till battle is already joined. Even the most casual of glances would inform the viewer that my renegade psyker squad is just that, renegade!

So I ordered a blister of sanctioned psykers & a Mordian sgt. to field a loyalist Cheese on a stick squad. The Sgt. is painted as a cadet commissar (no finer training than having the opportunity to frequently shoot your charges).The two psykers on the ends of the back row are older models, with the rest painted to closely match. Fearless armies all but ignore these guys as soul shroud is mediocre at best, but anything with a LD of 10 or less tends to HATE these guys. Needless to say these guys tend to hang back and in good cover as they're frail as hell (but well worth their points).

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