Thursday, July 1, 2010

Devil Dog finished!


Finally got around to finishing this tank this week, came out pretty good I think.

I dirtied up the sides around the engine exhausts (I think that that's what they are) so it would look like there's a bunch of soot, much like a diesel engined truck that hasn't been washed in ages. I forgot to paint the back pack on the rear black though. That didn't occur to me till a few layers into the dry brushing, so i left it green.

The above is a side by side with my older hellhound. Color's a bit off, probably due to heavier dry brushing on the older hellhound, i know the camo colors are the same. Such is the perils of painting tanks years apart. The old hellhound used to be a looted Ork tank (5+ the inferno cannon hits well on a 4+ it gets you anyways! Ahh the good ol' days...), but was transferred to the renegades after perusing the updated Ork codex.

Now all I have to do for the tourney list is paint up my Nurgle preacher 'Filth Collins' (yes, its the Forgeworld one with the megaphones), finish three already started loyalist Guardsmen, and I ordered a blister of sanctioned psykers along with a Mordian Sgt. for a psyker battle squad. I do have a renegade psyker battle squad, however while my loyalist IG officers, may not notice the renegade militia troops for what they are (desperately clinging to some vague theme for the tourney), however there is NO possible way they wouldn't notice with my renegade psykers on the table. So the loyalist IG will get there own psyker squad. I already had two painted (giving a total of 5 psykers), and will paint the Mordian as a cadet commissar to act as the squad leader.


sonsoftaurus said...

Good work on the tanks.

Maybe Filth needs Peter Scabriel to come along?

Da Masta Cheef said...


(and thanks!)