Monday, June 28, 2010

Gearing up for a tournament


Okay, I have batteries for the camera again, so no more of the wall of text stuff!

Recently I registered for a 40k tourney in Knoxville named the '40k MELTDOWN!' (info for which is here). While fully painted armies are not required, I'm going to try & bring one. However, with a point total of 2250, I'll have to mix my loyalist & renegade Imperial Guard armies, tossing any theme out the window. I thought of putting a little blurb at the top of the army list that ran along the lines of 'Sir, there's something wrong with those militia guys....'

Anyways, to that end I've been working on my Devil Dog/Bane Wolf/Hellhound.

As you see its pretty close, but not done yet. First of all its still clean. No proper tank should be without a good layer of dirt & grime (much less a renegade tank)! It doesn't really show in the photos, but I left the crudely defiled aquila on the armor plate that goes over the fuel tanks. I had intended to just cover it up with some stowage, as that piece of plastic is thin & I didn't want to accidentally punch through it. However I figured leaving what was left of it visible, would be fitting. I painted the remains boltgun metal to look as if its was recently removed, perhaps the slow destruction of the aquila being something to keep the crew entertained when not out in combat. Just looking at it, I think I should paint that pack on the rear hull black to match the others too. I still need to paint the plow, as well as the Bane Wolf & Hellhound nozzles.

Once this tank is finished, I'll have only 6-7 guys to paint, a few of which are already started, so odds are good I'll make my deadline.

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