Monday, June 7, 2010

Carnage for 3 Battle Report, sorta...

Well once again there was an odd man out at the FLGS this past weekend, so it was a perfect time to tryout my 5th ed Carnage scenario. Here it is again, with a few clarifications as were discussed in the comments of my last post.

I one the die roll and took the short board edge with BA to my left & Mech IG to the right.

Turn 1 I split my forces in 3 groups, one for the BA, one to hold the middle & the last to attack the IG. On the left a rhino full of enhanced marines w/icon of Khorne lunged forward in a rhino, with a twin-AC & ML dread following. The rhino popped smoke while the dread unloaded with everything & killed a bunch of trees. My demonically possessed Vindicator shot @ the BA also with no results whereas my possessed predator connected with an IG exterminator but failed to do any harm. On the right, Fabius in a rhino with his enhanced Marines went full distance & popped smoke, my sorcerer & E-marines ran for all they worth towards the IG while my 2nd dread w/twin heavy bolter killed 1 guardsman in the HQ sq. With failures all around my E-marines with Nurgle icon loaded the Culture Club's greatest hits into the vox array (my objective) and preceded to broadcast on all frequencies @ high volume.

The BA were second & split their forces similarly to me. Mephiston on psychic wings flew at my center, while a Librarian dread moved to intercept my approaching rhino. Using his scout moves, a Baal pred (untouched by my ineffective shooting)speared towards my objective & flame stormed 3 of my E marines. While on his left another Baal using similar moves opened up on a Chimera w/twin Ass cannon to no effect. A pursuing Land speeder similarly missed. A 2nd BA dread ran up the middle towards the IG while the rest repositioned in the middle, to guard a big rock (the BA objective, which elicited DA in disguise jeers & comments)

The IG caught between 2 rapidly advancing armies, did what IG do best by hunkering down & opening up with everything while their astropath(the IG objective) desperately called in for an evac, air strike or ANYTHING! Despite another vast expenditure of ammo, little more was done aside breaking the twin ass cannon from a Baal pred.

Turn 2, my twin-AC & ML dread fire frenzied while the other Blood Raged, and in between the 2 was a Baal. While the Blood frenzied dread ran an impressive 12", the fire frenzy dread blew the Baal to pieces. My vindicator fired on Mephiston missing him entirely (my predator also missed with all guns, demons make for abysmal gunners it seems). The Khorne E-marines disembarked after their rhino made an impressive power slide peppering a BA tac squad, though not felling any of them. although my lesser demons did arrive to assist & charged into said tac sq. with 1 casualty a piece. On the other side right flank continued to advance at speed but that meant no shooting.

The BA turn 2, Mephiston watched in horror as the librarian dread charged the Khorne E-marine squad inflicting just one kill while receiving a shaken result. It was pretty sad really. He did make good progress toward the IG with the BA dread popping a sentinel, and an assault sq. w/Priest dropping into my deployment zone & popping my pred with an inferno pistol. Mephiston cast the str. 10 spell, charged my vindicator rolled LOTS of 2s to hit, and only managed to shake the vindicator (to the amusement of its demon crew).

Turn 2 IG was much the same, hunkered down & guns blazing resulting in many, many stunned results to the BA vehicles, and immobilizing Fabius' rhino.

Turn 3 saw both my dreads engage in a wild west shoot out, as they both Fire frenzied & were 6" apart and staring at each other. While the win heavy bolter blazed away, the twin AC & missile launcher scored 4 penetrating & 1 glancing hits followed up by a nice Yahtzee roll of all 1s for damage! The Khorne e-marines & Librarian dred were doing nothing to each other while my Khorne rhino rammed a BA rhino resulting in sore necks for all drivers. my vindicator sped away from Mephiston shooting the BA assault marines in my back field killing 3 with my nurgle squad felling another (with the Culture club not fazing the BA, they opted for the ultimate act of terror and switched the vox array to a Bluegrass station!) Meanwhile the sorcerer & squad opened up & gutted the IG HQ while Fabius & friends charged & destroyed the IG Exterminator.

BA turn 3, a 2nd squad of assault marines dropped down into point blank range of the IG scaring the hell out of them, there was little movement on the BA side as vehicles were stunned everywhere. Mephiston did little, still embarrassed by his failure to hurt the vindicator, nor did the Assault marines take it down. The librarian dread however found its wits & cleaned house vs. my Khorne E-marines, felling all but the champion (who with his powerfist destroyed the dread).

IG turn three saw almost EVERYTHING open up on the BA assault squad in their midst, killing six (all praise be to cover!)While the Demolisher stunned the BA dread that was running straight at it (again lots of cover saves there).

Turn 4-the shop was closing. :-(

We got a late start & were fielding 2k all around, WAS too much for this scenario. In 4th ed. we used to run this @ 1500pts, and I'd say that should be the point limit. While due to time limits the game was inconclusive, we all agreed that the BA were in the best position to win. My charge into BA territory was seriously blunted, while I had Mephiston & assault marines into my deployment zone (helped by my dreads trying to kill each other). Whereas the IG was about to get hammered from both directions by by BA and my Enhanced marines (though considering the distance, one of my E-marine squads was likely to fear the full weight of fire from that demolisher had the BA dread not taken it down.

It was a good test for my updated Carnage scenario though.

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