Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Venerable Commissar Borg.

Sorry, no photos this week, camera batteries died and as its 10pm, I'm not going out for more.

Anyways, while perusing 40karmageddon some time back, I came upon their character creation rules (40karmageddon is a member of the 40kfightclub gaming club, up in Michigan if I recall correctly). Its very reminiscent of the 2nd ed. era WD article which allowed you to make your own chapter masters for DIY SM chapters (ahh the days when WD always had useful content in it...). These aren't something I would bring to the FLGS, rather just to be used on my table at home. i forwarded the character rules to my regular opponents so that they may create their own if they wish.

Liking the format that they've created, i thought i would apply these modifications to some of the older models that I have. Several are converted and as such always fielded with the same wargear, The first of my old favorites to receive this treatment is 'The Venerable Commissar Borg'. The back story/fluff for the character is intended to be 'in universe', however Borg's instead follows the mini's real life history from 2nd ed. on into the present.

Created using the ‘’ Character Creation Rules

The Venerable Commissar Borg.............Total: 130pts

Stats, Special Rules & Equipment for a Commissar Lord as per 5th ed. Imperial Guard codex with the following modifications: +1 Toughness (T 4), USR: Eternal Warrior, Carapace Armor, Power Sword

The history of the Venerable Commissar Borg:

First appearing in an official GW short story, printed in a 2nd ed. ‘Imperial Army’ introduction brochure* (then) Commissar Borg was striding through an Ork ambush of a platoon belonging to unnamed and long forgotten Imperial Army regiment. Uniform immaculately clean, he was defiantly remaining out in the open, snapping off pistol shots and issuing orders as if he were standing on an Imperial parade ground. All the while infantry ran for cover and fired wildly, more or less in panic. (As I recall, the story then followed a grunt who, running blindly through the trees came upon a Gretchin, and bludgeoned it to death with his lasgun before moving on to regroup with his squad. I don’t recall if it was never said who had won the engagement) Anyways…

I was sold! (and bought a Predator tank, the Leman Russ wasn’t yet available)

Purchased in a blister pack at Enterprise 1701 in Orlando, Borg was separated from the other Commissar contained therein who had a lasgun. That Commissar went to my friend Toby to lead the Imperial Army contingent that was allied to his Blood Angels. As I recall he bought the blister first, then convinced me I needed a commissar for my fledgling army. So that I would pay for half of the blister’s cost. He succeeded.

Commissar Borg first served with the Imperial Army out of the old 2nd ed. ‘Black Codex’ and on up through the successive rewrites of the now named ‘Imperial Guard Codex’ . The (now) ‘Venerable Commissar Borg’ has led every Imperial Guard army I’ve ever fielded. Starting with my Imperial Army (affectionately known as ‘the green army guys’ due to my abysmal painting skills at the time), 8th Spiders of Necromunda, Cadian Shock Troops, the Storm Trooper company, Das’ Afrika Korps (Mordian Iron Guard), Ice Warriors of Valhalla, Armageddon Steel Legion (and attached armored company), and currently the 110th Ryza Pioneers (menial battalion). Surviving multiple repaints and several arm and weapon replacements, nothing has stopped the Venerable Commissar Borg from dragging his brutalized carcass from the ‘dead pile’ to fight another day.

As such, I think that there can be no finer description of a tough, old ‘eternal warrior’.

*All factions at the time (which YES, included Squats) had a little blue folded brochure with short ‘fluff’ story, sample starter army list, a brief description of the game and that particular faction.


Papa JJ said...

It's good to learn the history of such a long-serving hero of the Imperium. That's an impressive list of regiments that he's served with and I agree that he's certainly earned that Eternal Warrior by now. I remember those little army brochures very fondly and recall green ones as well, maybe for fantasy I think. It's funny how such simple things seemed so cool, I'd love to find some of those around.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Ya know I was wondering if any of those little brochures still existed. I remember standing in front of the GW section reading all of them (on more than one occasion too). Outside of WD & the rule/wargear books, fluff was pretty hard to come by in those days. I don't recall the green ones, but I played 40k long before WHFB.

Commissar Borg is the old Commissar holding an opened book up in the air. I'll add a photo when I get some new batteries.