Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Double Duty?

So, with my resurrection of the CSM army, last week I was handed a bag of 'chaos stuff'. Sifting though the wreckage contained therein (and removing the junk), I found 2 usable CSMs, half a dozen or so metal Plague Marines, a bunch of CSM mutated arms (good for depicting Fabius' enhanced marines), and 2 old chaos cultists. Of the two cultists, 1 had its arm clipped off & replaced with a Skaven tail. It has potential, but needs more than just one tail. The other cultist had a similar conversion, except with several tails.

On square bases & brandishing a sword, this second mini caught my interest. I switched it to a round base, and removed the blade. The hand guard for the pommel was large, square & fit perfectly with an old IG autopistol from 2nd. ed. Something had been (crudely) trimmed off the tentacle side of the mini,, so i trimmed it further and used an 'impurity' seal to cover the worst of it. Added some paint and ended up with this:

Came out pretty good I thought. I gave his exposed skin a coating of ard' coat to get a slimy/sweaty appearance.

My ORIGINAL intent was to use this mini as the overseer/minder for my rogue psyker battle squad. I don't (yet) have a psyker squad for my loyalist IG, but was thinking of using a Mordian Sgt. suitably painted as a junior Commissar for the overseer/minder role. However junior commissars are probably a bit scarce among the ranks of renegades. So whomever is saddled with the duty of herding a bunch of untrained/rogue psykers would be a bit over exposed to the influence of the warp. The psykers themselves probably burn out quickly, while the minder would live on (although at this point in his mutations, spawndom should be a concern).

but then...

The thought occurred to me that this mini would make for a good renegade stand in for Guardsman Marbo. All I needed was a satchel charge...

Like this one!

I used the spare scout marine heavy bolter ammo clip pouch, and walla! Guardsman Marbo! Yet the bit is unobtrusive enough to still be used as the psyker squad minder.

Thus pulling double duty when Marbo isn't in use.

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