Monday, December 13, 2010

I got Kanned...

'Killa-Kanned' that is...


When I decided to give the Orks a go some years back, I got 3 metal killa kans along with a bunch of other minis in a trade for....something. I don't recall what I traded off, anyways... I painted up one of the kans, kindova ugly sculpt, but I supposed that it looked alright. However, I was having problems getting the other two's close combat arms to stay in place. Aggravated with them, I sent them on their way with a whole bunch of other unneeded extras, and have since only had this single kan.

One kan, by itself, isn't too impressive on the table top. My love of big gunz & looted wagons with boom gunz hasn't helped meaning that my lone kan has rarely seen the table top. Then, I saw the new versions and started to drool (still don't much like the new deff dread though). When the new kans came out, I bought a box on a whim (the FLGS hooked me up with a pretty good deal on them), BUT...I never built them.

This past weekend, Murl gave me another box o' kans for Christmas, and as a result, DLWDG is gonna have a wall o' kans! Here's the first (assembled out of the first box I purchased as it was already open):

This is one of those kits where you kinda giggle maniacally while assembling, as its such a cool & 'Orky' design (much like the mega tank which I glued together for the most part Friday night). Having seven, I think that I'll send the original kan, off the way of ebay. Two skwadruns of three, and a looted wagon ought to be good for eavy support. I could switch out for da big gunz, but I also got another chaos rhino as a Christmas gift, meaning that the havoc (and one of my lobbas) will be turned into another renegade IG nebelwerfer team (which can be seen here, about mid way down). I may just buy a new lobba to finish out that IG squad as the last one is still needed for my O&G army.

Speaking of lobbas, this past Saturday, they functioned pretty much like their O&G counterparts, meaning they sent (over the course of a game) 4 laser guided rocks into the head of a CSM demon prince (still not as effective as they are vs. giants though). Speaking of that game, I finally was able to pull off my Roag Skwadrun 1st turn alpha strike. It didn't kill too much when it shot & then charged into HTH on turn 1, but it did send my opponent reeling! Ultimately I lost the game, though I fared quite a bit better vs. the Deathguard than normal, so I was pleased. My opponent's army was more or less bottled up in his deployment zone all game (helped along by da kommandos arriving on turn 2). Also, while the deff kopta alpha strike is kindova one trick pony (and an expensive one to get mauled in turns 1 & 2), it does free up almost the entirety of my advancing army from incoming fire, as the DG was trying to deal with the koptas that were running rampant in their midst.

It was fun game and for once I brought a 'green tide' list (i.e.: no transports), so quite a bit different than my normal speed freaks set up. The forth coming 'wall o' kans' will give me yet another variation to play with now as well!

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