Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hardy Aller

Well as you can see my Hardy Aller that I mentioned in the previous post arrived yesterday! It was more or less a resin copy of the older metal mini which I had some years back, but the new kit had options to make the different variants as well as added stowage. For a resin kit, there was no warpage, virtually no mold lines, nor any gates that needed to be trimmed from a horribly inconvenient place (ya know, like this). To be safe I washed it, though it looked to have already been cleaned of the mold release.

Why is it that Forgeworld kits can so rarely (if ever) be described like that?

Anyways, the only complaint I had on this mini was the placement of the Heavy Anti-Aircraft cannon (HAAC). It was supposed to be placed along side the Medium autocannon (MAC) cupola. While granted these are on top of the main turret which itself can turn in any direction, it seemed oddly stupid to have side-by-side turrets (not to mention it doesn't look like the HAAC can elevate). At first I tried mounting it on top of the MAC turret but that looked dumb as well, so I sacrificed one of the turret side mounted light machine guns (LMG) and mounted it on the side. That eliminated the arc of fire/gun elevation issues and looks better than the original turret position as well. The HAAC turret really looks like it was added as an afterthought.

Anyways, its a pretty mini (makes my CEF/PAK hover tanks look like crap) and I hope to get it painted up this weekend. I'll paint it in the same manner as the gears, and then hide it from Murl till I get my WFP army built up enough to let me use it!

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