Monday, March 7, 2011

Upgrades for the renegades...


Kinda busy today, so just some quick updates.

Taking a bit of time off from the nonstop Exodite building, I've turned back to the renegade IG. That army has never really crested the 1500 point mark, as I was always selling off older units I didn't like as they were replaced with FW conversion kits and whatnot. Having run out of the less favored units, its now time to bring them up to our 'normal' army size of 1750-1850 points.

The first of that is the Manticore above. The launch apparatus and even the front hull insert aren't yet glued in place, as that would have left too many inaccessible places to paint. The launcher itself is designed to move up and down, though it'll probably be glued into the launch position shown when all is said and done. Later in the week I hope to have pics of my new renegade vet squad, the last parts of which arrived just this past Saturday.

As for the Exodites, they got their FLGS debut also this past Saturday in a 2 vs. 2 game. They fought alongside their darker brethren which now can account for that splinter rifle that's carried by my Dire Avenger Exarch. These were the first of the new DE minis that I had seen in person, and they really are quite pretty. The army was painted in bronze which worked rather well for them as well (sorry, no pics). While we gave a good accounting for ourselves, things did not go the Eldar way, and the battle was lost. However I got many compliments on the army and a few for the field guide too. So all was well.

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