Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh no, I'm outta primer!


Having not been to the FLGS in over a month now, my supply of oft used paints, primer and matte varnish is starting to run low. The FLGS went to an every other week schedule, which initially led to much nerd rage, though I've since found the break in routine rather enjoyable. However I've been outta town the last two times that they were open for gaming. Thus, I've been cut off from resupply (the FLGS is 20+ miles away, so its not like I just wander in @ random).

Needless to say, painting on the Aurora scouts has ground to a halt. I use Testor's desert tan which is essentially bleached bone in color (and the whole 'don't use flat paint as primer' is nonsense IMO). I do have other shades of primer, but I wanted to be consistent as priming with a darker color will subtly darken the entire paint job.

My cheap box o' scouts arrived this week, so all was not lost on the Aurora front. I assembled them with shotguns to mix in with my pistol & CCW squad. There's only four shotgun & arm sets in the box which is annoying, however I had extras from a prior box as you can see by the primed arms. One scout was given a servo skull and so will be painted as another Mechanicum neophyte. At some point I need to paint one in blue as a Librarium neophyte. I'm thinking of putting one in a bike squad maybe, using his 6th sense to not die when driving into difficult terrain.

I did have some black primer though, so I assembled and started work on my lone terminator for the Purge. In the short term he'll be used as a terminator lord whom I've dubbed 'Miasmos'. However @ some point I'll pick up a box o' termies, and he'll get demoted. I plan on running two squads of three. One squad will form a bodyguard for my Blood Eagle terminator lord, and the other two will go to the Purge. I don't plan on having any other FW plague marine termie bitz (this mini was acquired via ebay bitz auctions), so he will instead be the holder of the squad's icon of Nurgle. That's why he just has a twin-bolter and power weapon. To me three man termie squads are (supposed to be) cheap and disposable units that you drop into the enemy's back field to cause your opponent problems.

Once again there is no gaming @ the FLGS this weekend, so the Aurora will go back on hold. Dunno, maybe I'll continue on the Purge theme and finish some of their half-painted Plague Marines.


rogue.trader.voril said...

It's always just whining with you, isn't it!? ;P You really should be able to judge when you'll need paint again... plus I KNOW you were at A hobby shop recently*. And the all time best place to buy great primer... The Dollar General. $1 can of matte black or white primer. Awesome stuff.

Da Masta Cheef said...

I use various colors for primer. Desert tan is a shade off of bleached bone, Light Earth is a shade off of Terracota, Medium green is a shade off of Catachan Green, etc. (the latter two help especially as they're notoriously transparent colors) NEVER do I use white primer though.

I don't recall Sci-Fi selling Testors paint, though I really didn't look either.

Whining with me, NOT winning with you, so long as we're consistent...

rogue.trader.voril said...

No, Sci-Fi does not sell testors... Hay look, Cheef got one right... a day to be journaled :)