Monday, April 18, 2011

weekend recap


All the gaming last week was balanced out by not going to my local FLGS on the weekend. My future brother-in-law's bachelor party was this weekend and that took precedence. Wings, alcohol, the strip club, etc., its a worthy excuse for skipping a night out with the geeks. The party started out with a round of golf (and they were dedicated to that cause as the weather sucked), however I'm not a golfer so I hung out @ Sci-Fi City in Knoxville playing peanut gallery as I watched a buddy of mine (the esteemed rogue.trader.voril) FAIL EPICALLY in a 40k tournament.

After 2 rounds I couldn't take it any more (nor could the golfers) & left for the party. Apparently he couldn't take it anymore either, and dropped out when one of the winning players bailed from the tourney for whatever reason. Its mind boggling to me when someone leaves mid tourney & blows a hole in the roster. Too bad there was no sportsmanship award, as r.t.voril should have gotten one for voluntarily withdrawing to even the ranks again.

As for my scouts, work continued on Saturday between the drive home and a much needed nap (was out waaaay too late). Both the sergeant & missile scout are now done:
I didn't notice how the wash collected to the right side of the segeant's nose till I had these pics in photoshop this morning. It doesn't really stand out on the mini, so will probably leave it alone even though it looks kinda funky in the photo. Maybe its a tribal marking from his youth or something. Anyways, they came out pretty good I think. I still have 2 snipers to go as well as Sgt. Onteli (Telion). I'll try & get them done before my short attention span has had enough of scouts & switch to another project.


rogue.trader.voril said...

"a buddy of mine..." You're right, your standard are lowering ;). All I can say is I played EPICALLY :) I volunteered to play the 11 year old, just to get my ass handed to me. Then bow out gracefully to balance out the roster, just to find out the guy who was leaving DID get his last game in... some days you can't win for losing. And the real kicker to the entire day was using Walmart dice in a tournament. BUT!!! At least I got to have Da Masta Chia ;) Cheef try desperately to pull a win out of two games.

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, yeah I'd forgotten about the walmart dice. Those in the trash yet?

rogue.trader.voril said...

I was thinking about taking a trip down to New Orleans and seeing if I could find a voodoo priest that would take the curse off of them :)