Friday, August 19, 2011

So who's winning exactly?


Well this week the enemy fled before the mediocrity of the GK retinue horde and instead a day later I played another game of Mordhiem. Now, true to form, my rats won even though we had realized that in prior games that we were doing the rout tests wrong which would have sent my rodents fleeing for their lives (taking them once reduced to 25%, not as soon as we suffered 25% casualties). Such is the way of learning to play a game. Anyways we played scenario #8 (I believe) out of the rule book in which there are no routs tests unless taken voluntarily.

So, the Skaven won, right?

I'm not too sure on that. In the aftermath of the game where we roll for injuries, income, etc., all of the accursed Reiklanders recovered without any injury (though they've amassed a few bitter enmities by this point). Meanwhile I once again had a giant rat and Verminkin die (thus maintaining my average).

What the hell?!?

Instead of spending my gold on new/cool stuff for the warband, it almost all goes towards filling the continuously opening holes in the ranks. The Skaven's lack of resilience apparently extends beyond just games of WHFB. To further complicate things, the rat below rolled 'The lad's got talent.' on the henchmen advances chart. At that point I had more heroes than henchmen!
The henchmen group he came from were equipped with clubs & shields (and almost identical paint jobs). After pondering for a moment on how to differentiate the henchman from the hero, i decided to just hire a new henchman equipping him like the old henchman, and to then just buy a sword for the newly elevated 'Snitch Blade'. Of course he came out of the as yet unpainted & unused slaves with swords & shields pile. However his hunched back & reversed blade set him apart enough not have him look like the other sword bearing henchmen models when they eventually hit the table (their swords are held blade first as is normal).

In any case, my Mordheim record up to this point is three pyrrhic victories and counting...


Mordian7th said...

In a game like Mordheim or Necromunda where you have a campaign-style continuation of the group/gang and end up rolling for injuries or death post game, I find that discretion is the better part of honor. It may seem counter-intuitive, but running away earlier and not fighting to the bitter end is not a bad thing (and it's definitely Skaven-ish), as it can allow you to garner a little bit of experience, and come back stronger and more resilient next time. I haven't played Mordheim much since it was originally released way back when but memory serves the after-action process is fairly similar.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yeah there's a lot of similarity between the two, its just I (apparently) can't help but roll 1's & 2's in the end game stuff for henchmen. That said I roll for henchmen first so as to not inflict those low numbers on my heroes.

When playing Necromunda some years back, I had a Cawdor gang that had a similar problem & I think I finally disbanded it due to incessant losses.

neverness said...

,,,so when am I coming over for some rat-on-rat action? :)

Or should I make a new humun warband?

Da Masta Cheef said...

Either works for me (unless your rats have some sort of stupid high war band rating). May need to wait till next week though, as this coming week looks to be prettymuch full!

neverness said...

Well I'm back and it's looking like I might not be heading out next week after all! So, let me know! My rat had maybe 2 games ever, so their rating is still fairly low...
If I can't find their roster I'll re-start them.