Thursday, August 11, 2011

The wound allocation circus


Well, I've been working on trying to turn all of my inquisitorial 'circus side shows' into a viable army (without having to buy any stupid monkey models). I've also had to raid the Aurora chapter vehicle pool & added in a handful of GK just for good measure. Can I field it? Yes, once I get Coteaz (or 'Cotex' as Murl has dubbed him) and the purgation squad. Will it work? Probably not.

Locally for opposing forces I have the following to choose from: Tryanid psyker/MC spam, completely immobile 'mechanized' IG, Plague marines, at least a half dozen Space Wolf armies, and a random allotment of everything else.

Of course there will be no sympathy for me as I'll be using a codex that often makes me feel I need a shower after perusing its pages. Matt Ward's wish-listing in print doesn't strike me or most of 'teh interwebz' as balanced. 5 points for a master-crafted upgrade? Only 5 for psybolt ammo? Makes sense when a regular SM rifleman is only 5 points cheaper right? Combat servitors can swap their servo arms for a heavy bolter for free, really? isn't that a 15-20 point upgrade in the IG & SM codexes?


Aside from the paladins (and only as I saw they come in units of 1) & purgation squad (I needed a GK devastator unit of some sort) & vehicles. I haven't even read the rules/fluff for the other GK units (or even the majority of the fluff in the whole book).

I don't think I've felt this much distaste for a codex since the current CSM codex was released (only just for entirely different reasons this time around). And yet, last night when I pulled all of my various Inquisitors & retinues out, I couldn't help but smile with affection for the whole mob of them. So, in trying to make heads or tails of what I had, I came up with the following list:

The Wound Allocation Circus: 1498 Points


Inquisitor Coteaz

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Longshot

Hell Rifle, (2) Servo Skulls


(the no longer obsolete and now) Eversor Assassin

Matt Fucking Ward! (Paladin)

Master-Fucking-Crafted Nemesis Force Halberd


The Imperial Forestry Service:

(5) Acolytes w/ Autoguns (Bolters), (1) Acolyte w/Stormbolter

Forestry Service Rhino

Dozer Blade, Extra Armor

Interrogator Flintlock’s Horde:

(1) Acolyte w/Plasma Pistol, Carapace Armor

(6) Acolytes w/Hot-shot lasguns & Carapace Armor

(1) Acolyte w/Hot Shot Lasgun, Power Armor

(1) Banisher, (1) Death Cult Assassin

Flintlock’s Chimera

Searchlight, Extra Armor

Interrogator Franklin’s Horde:

(1) Acolyte w/Power Sword, Carapace Armor

(2) Acolytes w/Nothing (not even clothes!)

(1) Acolyte w/Carapace Armor, Flamer

(1) Banisher w/Evicerator, (1) Crusader

(1) Acolyte w/Carapace Armor

(1) Nid-Slayer (Death Cult Assassin)

(1) Acolyte w/Boltgun & Carapace Armor

Mechanicum Detachment:

(3) Gun Servitors w/Heavy Bolters, (3) Combat Servitors

(1) Acolyte w/Power Axe, Carapace Armor
(1) Acolyte w/Power Axe, Power Armor, Bolter

Heavy Support:

(5) Purgation Squad

(4) Psycannons

Landraider Crusader

Extra Armor, Psybolt Ammo, True Silver Armor


(2) Twin-Linked Autocannons, Extra Armor, Psybolt Ammo

I still have a dozen or more unused retinue models, but they would serve really no other purpose than throwing warm bodies onto the table top (and I think I've already done that enough here.



neverness said...

That's some awesome fluffy killing actino there! I love the names for the Elites! LOL
I can't wait to rape them with my orks who will just swarm over these guys...(a grot can dream, right?)Granted the Landraider and the Dreads could be a problem for me, but then, the way I roll dice...

Da Masta Cheef said...

Personally, I really don't see this army being worth a damn vs. anything that is even remotely competitive. This one (like my eldar) falls into the 'beer & pretzel lists only' category.

Sadly, no one ever seems to want to play just for fun lists anymore. Not unless getting hit by 6-8 MCs, or a SW Deathstar, or a dozen chimeras not moving, etc. is your idea of 'just for fun'.


neverness said...

OK, so I will try to make the lamest SW wolf list possible next time ,just to see if I can! Hell, I'll even use Sven! (He's itching -no pun intended- for a revenge fight anyway)All in the name of fun! ;)