Monday, August 20, 2012

Get thee back demon!!!


Copyright of Daarken on Deviant Art
Well last week was an exercise in misery (for the most part). It seems the GF aggro to which I'd previously referred was in fact an agent of the ruinous powers sent to enslave me. Intoxicated by her beauty and cloying musk of desirability, it was only once I was completely in her thrall that I saw her intent was to destroy who I am with the aim to rebuild me in the form of her completely subservient minion. However she pulled her 180 a bit too quickly causing me to see the reality of the situation and as such I barely escaped with my life!

Moving on from that debacle my birthday was last Friday & I used that as an excuse to get outta town for a few days. I went to visit my sister & brother in law, and we had a good 'family' weekend. Eating out, tubing down a river (during which I got a big ugly bruise on one knee from a rock), racing in go carts, etc., it was a good time.

I also did well on the ebay front last week, not that I really had the funds for it.  After having bid on them countless times, I finally managed to get a mini WHFB rule book for a reasonable price. Once I get and reread that, I'll be able to make a proper Empire list, and will then have to come up with some other reasons why I can't play the game with Madival. lol. 'Umm...wizards, yeah that's it, I don't have any wizards! Or artillery, yeah, no big guns either...' To be honest I no real desire to play the game, just figure it'll happen eventually. However currently, he's the only one around here who seems to want to play it, thus he's the only one to avoid.

I also won an IG sentinel from Sonsoftaurus. Not sure if my small loyalist IG contingent will get that, or rather if it'll go to the beastmen, will have to see...


madival said...

get on tnwargamers. there are about 3 others wanting to play fantasy and there are myself and bob already after all.

neverness said...

For the record, I *want* to play it. It's the 'around here' bit that is becoming a challenge...:)

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yeah, yeah...and how's that Empire army of yours (or anything else for that matter) coming along?

And yes, sorry but driving to Kentucky is a bit outta my range for a

Yeah I'm sure there are Madival. Its nothing against you, more just a case of 'I've always wanted an empire army' rather than actually wanting to use it.