Friday, August 10, 2012

They came from teh interwebz...


About a year ago or so, I posted some feedback of some sort (honestly I have no recollection of what) on Mad Robot Miniatures about the poses/designs of their WIP Great Coat troopers. Meager as I presume my contributions to be, The Mad Robot himself offered to send me some minis when they were complete in return for my comments. Sounded good to me, and given my short attention span, I promptly forgot about it.

About a month or so ago, The Mad Robot contacted me wanting to know if I was still interested in some free minis (and what gamer isn't?) and refreshed my memory as I had long forgotten about his offer. So I said sure, sent my mailing address, and figured on a mini or two arriving in the mail.

An excellent use of a VHS case!

As you can see (and much to my surprise!) I got a whole squad of them!!! I've been pretty busy these past two weeks, so i haven't had any time to properly look into these guys, but as you can see, there's a whole lot of pewter there! Again, I'm not sure as to what my contributions were, but this is well in excess of whatever I expected! I'll post pictures of these when I dig into them...

Yes, this is all I did hobby wise this week.
Speaking of stuff from teh interwebz, the remaining bitz i bought via ebay arrived, and so last night I assembled a few more beastmen IG. The three in the front row will be 2 squad sergeants while the one on the left with the slightly bigger horns will be a bodyguard for the Chieftain that I had in my last post (or a Lt. if I ever field them as a regular platoon).  Of the three in back, the middle one is newly assembled while the other two had arm swaps as I didn't like their older poses.  I have enough now to run them several different ways, whether as part of my renegade IG, or as a stand alone (well sorta) allied contingent of beastmen IG, who will be semi-permanent allies to my Orks.


Hive Angel said...

First an army on your door step.
Then a GF on your door step. :)
Now a squad on your door step.

WTF genie in the magic lamp?

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, just lucky I guess...