Thursday, December 13, 2012

Exodite Shuriken Cannon WIP


Well, still flush with my Ork victory last weekend, I thought I'd stick with the Xenos & see if I could get back-to-back wins. A tall order I know, but worth a shot. I rarely use my Orks, and their wins are even rarer still. My Exodites are pretty much in the same boat, although Rogue.Trader.Voril is coming over to the tri-cities this weekend, and that's an easy win for anybody (...snicker...). So my odds look good...

Eww, look at that mold line!
When pulling out all of my futuristic Elves to make a list of Exodites allied with Corsairs, my last Guardian heavy weapon platform kept falling apart. It was only just kinda stuck together/dry fit. However that's rather annoying as every time you touch the model the gun falls off.

 Thus it became this week's painting project.  These photos were taken just prior to inking which darkens/dirties the model up considerably No, 'dirty Eldar' is not an oxymoron, its an Exodite. That mold line (or two) doesn't scream at you like it does in the photo, but will have to be remedied anyways. Cameras seem to add mistakes to minis like they add pounds to people.

What's the Exodite translation of: MOAR DAKKA?
My other two guardian platforms (EML & scatter laser) are in more or less the same exact pose, gunner & all, so with thus one I tried to make it look a bit different. Not only does the gunner have a different arm (holding a gun rather than pointing with the thought of 'shoot that one Mr. Warlock?') but I angled the cannon on the platform as well. There's not too much you can do with these, but hopefully it makes it a bit more dynamic looking.

While I ought to have made this a bright lance as my Exodites have a woeful lack of anti-tank weaponry (at least beyond the 12" range), I'd rather use the Farseer's 'guide' power on either the Dragon Knights (Wraithguard) or Avengers. So I opted for the cheapest option with this squad, as much for variety as anything else.

Hopefully I'll have this finished up this evening.


Hive Angel said...

When viewing the second picture I thought I was looking at a necron ally. LOL

The headless are always up for a stone throwing branch beating fest with the forest hippies anytime. :)

Da Masta Cheef said...

What? Did the headless ones get excited by my lack of anti-tank or something? lol!

neverness said...

Weakness = win in the eyes of some... so, you still want some Harlies? :)

Da Masta Cheef said...

Sure! I forget though, what did we discuss for trade of those?