Monday, December 3, 2012

12 SOLID HOURS of Battletech!!!

lol, not quite but close...

My ragged survivors...
Hive Angel came over Saturday and we played a very large battle which, we as usual didn't finish out because after 12ish hours we'd had enough. We did stop for dinner at one point, didn't try to rush, etc. , still makes for a long game though. I took a lot of photos and he took copious notes meaning give him a week or so and he ought to have a battle report up on his blog.

Of special note was my infantry company. Going for maximum units, two platoons ended up without transports. Thus they spent the ENTIRE time running across the desert, while carrying LRM launchers, and no doubt smelling 1st. plattoon's BBQ encampment ahead of them (such torture). As such, while never shot at, I would imagine that there were many losses suffered due to exhaustion, dehydration & heat stroke. They must've really fucked up somewhere to deserve such harsh treatment, that or they have a very harsh commanding officer...

Listed below is my TO&E for all of my inner sphere minis. I used everything (Legion of the Rising Sun) barring the 2 heavy APCs & the Catapult. Also, in case its difficult to read, the black hexes represent non-existent units within the lances.

Eventually, it'll be a slightly under strength, combined arms battalion.

It was a good game, much fun was had and much carnage was wrought. Can't wait for that battle report!