Thursday, November 29, 2012

So do you celebrate a Liebster with a lobster dinner?

I'll eat the taters and maybe the garnish, but otherwise that lobster died in vain...

Boy I hope not, I really don't like lobster and that's an awfully expensive dinner that I won't like. I did have fish sticks last night though, does that count? Probably not, fish sticks are at best just mediocre...

Anyways, as you've no doubt already surmised, I 'won' a Liebster award compliments of Da Green Skins (cuz dems knows dat Green iz BEST!). Thus, I send many thanks for both the nomination and compliments posted on that blog. Now, what is a Liebster you ask? 'Liebster' is German for 'favorite' (at least as far as I can tell), and I have no idea where/when this started (but I'll assume it was somewhere in Germany), and its essentially the internet blogger's version of an 'atta boy' or pat on the back, etc. I first heard of the Liebster a year or so ago, and didn't much care for the concept for no other reason than I didn't get one. Well, now I have and think its pretty friggin'cool!

Such glorious hypocrisy!

With any such award/recognition there comes a bit of  responsibility.  You must link back to whom nominated you, and nominate 5 other blogs with less than 200 followers (two of my nominees below are in question I'm afraid as their followers aren't listed). Those with more than 200 are apparently already well known enough to be 'above' a Liebster, and will have to vie for a Bloggie and/or a BOB (and good luck with that as you're league with he likes of Postsecret who like BoLS got so big that he had to buy a domain).

Perusing my blog roll, it was kinda hard to single out just five (and I hope these aren't limited to gaming blogs as my list isn't), but I did so and thus (drum roll please) would like to nominate the following blogs (in no particular order) for a Liebster as well. Welcome my friends to our hallowed ranks (though considering the talented folks listed below, I'm still somewhat at a loss as to how I made it here...).

The Kingston Lounge. While not a frequent poster, when a post is made it is definitely worth the wait! The photography is stunning, the history of the photographed sites intriguing, and the hopes to have said sites restored to their former glory somewhat idealistic, but it leaves you hoping they are anyways (this one's follower count is hidden btw).

The Galactic Empire. Wow! And I thought my hobby was sometimes tedious...but still, how cool is it to be making your own CGI Star Destroyers and Federation star ships! And only 10 followers? WTF?!?  It also amuses me that he refers to the minute details on his ships as 'greebles'.

Bigtank armor 1/15 Scale. Okay here's another jaw dropper! Sometimes tedious to follow given the minute & exacting detail he goes into in his construction processes (it takes upwards of a year or so in building a model...from scratch!), but the final product is simply mindbogglingly good! Honestly, the first time I saw his blog, there was a British Mk! Landship at the top & I thought "wow, that's a good photo of one of those'. It wasn't till I scrolled down & saw him behind it that I realized it was a model not a real tank! Seriously, having seen many a model vehicle in the various Smithsonian museums on this past spring's trip to Washington DC,  Big Tanks' models put them ALL to shame! Just a word of note, Google's tanslator for Polish is a, which can often make for some unintentional hilarity...

Shut Up Internet. Mark Fender is one of the hosts of my favorite podcast 'Thac0' (or perhaps 'the host' as the podcasting equipment is his). I found his blog via their forums and its a daily read. Topics are all over the place, Legos, role playing games, Lady Gaga, lately his series on how well 90's music has aged (or not) is a new favorite. Go & check him out, and the podcast (this blog also has the follower count not listed).

4th Company Librarium. I would be remiss to not have a dedicated, 40k centric, mini gaming blog in my list. However far from the 'token addition' this one is a good read. I started following this one during his series recapping the various chapters in the Badab war books and his thoughts on them. He has a very well painted/converted Executioners army among many others, and even does some commission work as well. His armies also stick closely to the fluff which (as a fluff bunny myself) is very appealing.

So there you have it. Again my thanks to Da Green Skins for the award, and again to all of my follwers/readers who remarkably find my little portion of 'teh interwebz' to be of interest.



neverness said...

Congrata agaiN! The Kingston Lounge is definitely an awesome blog. I haven't been able to figure out how to add it to my blog-roll through...but I follow it on FB.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks again!

I think I found that via my old roommate when he posted it on FB. Really amazing stuff on there though. It also makes me think of my cousin, who is rather found of exploring abandoned buildings (usually camera in hand).

Dagreenskins said...

The Kingston Lounge is a great blog page. I pictures are just amazing. Keep up the great work.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks & thank you again for the Liebster!