Monday, November 19, 2012



I forgot to get pics of my Tau crisis suit that I painted last weekend, so that may be my late week post, will see how much/if any free time at home is available. This weekend was gaming free as my folks were in town and we're redoing my bathroom. As such I was out on the deck cutting tile with a wet saw & Makita till about 9:45 last night (porch and flashlights ftw!). We got off to a late start and really didn't think we'd get all the tile down, but just kept going once we got going, especially as I don't have the needed vacation days to be off this week.

Anyways, no one comes here to read about tile flooring, so instead weez will talk about Da Orks!

So what if that shoota doesn't have the range to hit anything, it adds MO' DAKKA!!!

Take dis yoo stoopid flyerz: Dakka, dakka, dakka!!!!

These are my WIP Ork quad-gun pics. With a BS of 2, it just makes sense to have an Ork gunner rather than an automated system. Looking at the sky as he is, he's kinda helpless vs. anything on the ground, so no concerns for not having any HTH swings if it gets charged. I still need to add some gubbins to fill in around the where da gunz sit inside the hatch piece, but it's looking pretty good so far I think.

Its a little hard to see, but the gunner is laying on a spare box-o-ammo that's (not so wisely) pushed up against the motor for the drive unit which makes the gun turn/swivel. Engine heat and ammo, yeah..., Orks do love pyrotechnics!


Mordian7th said...

Hah! That's AWESOME! Very nice work man, love how form follows function on the model - makes perfect sense (in a properly orky way)!

Da Masta Cheef said...


Screech said...

I dunno...its just enough to be one of your models. :D

Loquacious said...

it needs to be double barrelled. =P

MOAR DAKKA!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He needs a grot sitting on his head pointing a huge revolver skyward ...


Da Masta Cheef said...

@Screech: note that in the title it says 'WIP Pt.1".

@Lo: Actually I was tempted to go the really simple route & just mount Valkyrie rocket pod on it instead of guns, figuring the sheer volume of rockets would have the same effect.

@Kushial: Actually there will be one of the artillery grots standing next to it covering its ears.